Be ready with 20 walls for Venezuelans — Maduro to Trump


Maduro said that it was dropping hand grenades at the Supreme Court.

However, there were no reports of injuries.

"Sooner or later, we are going to capture that helicopter and those that carried out this terror attack", he declared.

They say Maduro, who became president in 2013 following the death of longtime leader Hugo Chavez, is a dictator, who has presided over a deep economic crisis. There has been growing dissent too from within government and the security forces. Venezuela has been rocked by violent anti-government protests in recent months that have left scores dead.

Maduro appeared to claim that the incident was part of a conspiracy to destabilize his socialist government and said he had activated the country's air defense in response.

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The pro-Maduro governor of Aragua state says the looting hit supermarkets, drug stores and small bakeries and liquor stores. "This fight is. against the vile government".

The incident occurred as Maduro was speaking live on state television yesterday to journalists gathered at the presidential palace.

The Supreme Court is particularly hated by Maduro's opponents for its string of rulings bolstering his power and undermining the opposition-controlled legislature.

Opposition leaders have always been calling on Venezuela's security forces to stop obeying Maduro.

We would free our country with weapons.” Thus spoke Maduro during a public event to promote the Constituent Assembly, with which he hopes to write a new Venezuelan Constitution, a project that has not garnered popular support, according to all available polls.

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On Tuesday, Maduro said the "destruction" of Venezuela would unleash a refugee wave dwarfing the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. "What we really want as a political party is that Venezuelans have the option to express through voting, not through violence". "We would never give up, and what could not be done with votes, we would do with weapons, we would liberate the fatherland with weapons".

Though Almagro dismissed that notion, the OAS General Assembly was unable to reach agreement on a plan to deal with the instability in Venezuela at a meeting in Cancun last week.

They are boycotting the vote, and protesting daily on the streets to try and have it stopped.

In his speech, Maduro, 54, said that in addition to firing on Venezuela's high court, the helicopter flew over the Justice and Interior Ministeries.

"You would have to build 20 walls in the sea, a wall from MS to Florida, from Florida to NY, it would be insane ..." "You have the responsibility: stop the madness of the violent Venezuelan right wing".

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