Bill Cosby sex assault case in hands of jury


They'll resume deliberations Tuesday morning.

Cosby is accused of drugging and violating a woman at his suburban Philadelphia home in January 2004.

Mr Steele told the jury that Mr Cosby took away Ms Constand's ability to consent with the pills, that their later contacts were irrelevant, and that jurors should ignore what he said were myths about how sexual assault victims are supposed to behave. It was read to them by the judge.

Cosby attorney Brian McMonagle argued that the behavior of Cosby's accuser in the aftermath of her alleged sexual assault raised too many questions for a jury to believe her claim that Cosby assaulted her.

The fate of Bill Cosby lay in the hands of a U.S. jury who deliberated over dinner and into the night on whether or not the disgraced entertainer sexually assaulted a woman at his home more than 13 years ago. He could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

The disgraced comedian is fighting three charges of aggravated indecent assault, amid allegations he drugged and attacked Andrea Constand, a former employee at his alma mater, Temple University, during a 2004 encounter at his Pennsylvania home.

But District Attorney Kevin Steele said those inconsistencies were minor and little more than a distraction.

The brevity of the defense case contrasted with the presentation by prosecutors, who called 12 witnesses over five days of often emotional testimony.

The case has sparked debate over celebrity, race, power and gender.

Prosecutors will give their closing argument Monday afternoon.

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McMonagle also questioned why Constand would continue spending time privately with Cosby even after he made sexual advances that she said she rebuffed.

"Don't leave your common sense in Pittsburgh."This isn't talking to a trustee. This is talking to a lover", McMonagle said of one phone call that lasted 49 minutes".

But Constand's is the only criminal case against him as under U.S. statues of limitations.

Cosby's wife of 53 years, Camille - who attended proceedings for the first time in the six-day-old trial - was stoic during the defence's argument.

Outside the courthouse, Constand's lawyers blasted the Cosby team Tuesday for releasing a statement from a woman who had been blocked from testifying at the trial.

She said Cosby gave her three pills and wine before touching her breasts, putting his fingers in her vagina and putting her hand on his erect penis after she sought his advice about moving to Canada and switching careers. "And knows the effect of what he gave her".

Bill Cosby did not testify in his trial. Cosby testified over a decade ago as part of that lawsuit, eventually settling with her for an undisclosed sum.

McMonagle defended the good faith of his client, saying Cosby had agreed to speak at length to investigators in 2005 when he could have kept silent, and rounded on the press.

"McMonagle argued that Cosby was guilty of infidelity but no crime".

"This is not a civil case about money, money, money. We're talking about all the man's tomorrows", he said.

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"I would suggest to you that Andrea Constand is a real victim", he said.

McMonagle used a big screen to show jurors how Constand's story evolved in her interviews with police, noting that she was off by two months on the date of the alleged assault and inaccurately told police she had never been alone with Cosby before.

"We all know better now", said Steele, who contemptuously accused the defense of the "exploitation of myths".

"There are some things in this case that should be fuzzy. Why?" The defense lawyer also walked the jury through several discrepancies in Constand's story.

Unsealed in 2015, the testimony contains statements from Cosby admitting to giving quaaludes - a sleep aid that became a popular party drug - to women in the 1970s when he wanted to have sex with them.

He also said he gave Constand three half-tablets of the cold and allergy medicine Benadryl before the "petting" began. Legal experts and courtroom observers generally dismissed that suggestion as a bluff, perhaps created to throw prosecutors - who ended with a lot of momentum - off balance.

The sole witness for the defense was the detective who led the 2005 investigation, Richard Schaffer, who previously took the stand during the prosecution's case.

And Cosby did not testify.

Philadelphia defence lawyer Alan Tauber says that's less likely in Cosby's case because his fame makes him an unlikely flight risk. Gianna Constand, left, who is the mother of Andrea Constand, leaves the courtroom after closing arguments in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, .

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