Capito says she can't support GOP health care bill


The Senate plan would also trim $321 billion from future budget deficits, $200 billion more than the estimated savings in the House plan.

The organization put out a statement applauding the inclusion of the tax repeal in the Senate bill but did not weigh in on the rest.

The House failed to advance a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare in late March, and it was seen as a spectacular failure on the GOP's most persistent pledge to voters for the past seven years. If either the House or Senate bills become law, it could drastically upend the individual exchanges where Oscar derives most of its customers from.

"What will become of these veterans as they face higher insurance costs?" Rural America was a stronghold for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

One of a handful of Republican senators opposing the Senate health care bill is headed to the White House to talk with President Donald Trump about the measure. Rand Paul - a heavy critic of the Senate plan - visited this morning. "There's going to be one tax bill and one tax bill only". "I would like to delay the thing", Johnson said.

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However, the bill appears to be heading back to the shop for more work, after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released an analysis showing it could cause 22 million to lose their health insurance coverage. "And while it's hard to imagine, in some ways the Senate's legislation would make our nation's failing health care system worse". The funding of Planned Parenthood is also another sticking point. Both bills would change Medicaid by offering states a block grant of Medicaid money or placing a per-capita cap on what the program would pay for each enrollee.

"We've got to do some more work on it", he said. He later said his office is "doing the research" to prepare for possible litigation.

The measure was facing significant opposition by moderate Republicans, who were concerned over the effect of the Better Care Reconciliation Act on Medicaid and a less-than-favorable report by the CBO. No new senators immediately said they would back the legislation, and Sens.

The Senate bill will fail if just three of the 52 Republican senators oppose it, dealing a major blow to Trump. The payments are part of the Affordable Care Act, and they flow to insurers on behalf of low-income marketplace customers to cover their out-of-pocket health expenses.

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The Ohio Republican issued a statement Tuesday after the Senate delayed its vote and after he had been subjected to baseball game flyovers, demonstrations and other pressures to oppose the bill.

On June 27, House Speaker GOP Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin defended the CBO on Capitol Hill. McConnell allies argued that the approach alienated Heller and other Republicans rather than making it easier to get their votes.

The ideological differences between conservatives and moderates were so stark that it was clear leadership did not even have the 50 votes in the 100-member chamber needed to simply begin debate on the bill. It's in trouble as opposition from rebellious Republicans grows.

For low-income people, explains the CBO report, "the premium for a silver plan would typically be a relatively high percent of income", while the deductible for a bronze plan "would be a significantly higher percentage of income".

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., was hoping to staunch his party's rebellion, a day after the Congressional Budget Office released its report. He's been aiming to win Senate passage this week, before a weeklong July 4 recess that leaders worry opponents will use to weaken support for the legislation.

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"The Club for Growth and the American people took Republicans in Congress at their word when they promised to repeal every word - "root and branch" - of Obamacare and replace it with a patient-centered approach to health care", said the PAC's president, David McIntosh.