Conservatives' last-minute climb as 'Leavers' losing faith in Labour and turning to


At the start of campaigning a number of polls gave the Conservatives nearly double the vote share compared to Labour - indicating a landslide victory that would have significantly strengthened Prime Minister Theresa May's working majority in the House of Commons.

May, by contrast, has underwhelmed with stale speeches and a policy U-turn. In practice, the threshold for a majority is around 323, because the Irish nationalist Sinn Fein party takes up no seats that it wins in Northern Ireland. It is rather that, unlike Cameron, she takes the center for granted and has chose to compete with the United Kingdom Independence Party. Ukip support has collapsed and is on the brink of extinction.

The manifesto's commitment to trade unions and workers' rights is another reason for Labour's rebounding popularity.

Polling expert Leo Barasi cautions against focusing on the horserace numbers alone. Do voters care more about day-to-day management of public services or security stance of a potential leader?

These are the people who believe in snatching food out of children's mouths and slashing the education budget, because making sure our kids (that our future prospects as a nation will rely on) are well fed and well educated is obviously "leftie do-gooder nonsense" and "political correctness gone mad".

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Labour's manifesto launch might have motivated left-wing voters to take part in online polls, skewing the sample of those who voted Labour in 2015 toward people who will vote for it now. Both are less likely to turn out.

But despite starting off strongly ahead in polls, the Conservative Party has been losing ground in recent days. It is not Corbyn, however, but Brexit which will make him vote Conservative next week for the first time in his life.

Voters also say that Labour has had the best policies and the best campaign. Labour have also detailed they would allow the deficit to increase, through debt issuance, however, by and large the fact we have seen GBP fall at times when we have seen Labour closing the gaps in the polls details a market that will sell GBP on a hung parliament and this scenario could see cable into £1.2500 to £1.2600.

She repeatedly attacked Labour's "magic money tree" policies.

A nurse, who said she had seen a real terms cut in her pay over the past seven years, asked the Prime Minister why she was not investing in the NHS amid heckling from other guests.

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The diatribe was a little over the top.

Then again, if May had suffered a bruising encounter at nearly 10 p.m. on a Friday night, Tory spinners would tell everyone to pipe down because no-one in the real world cares about a TV question and answer session.

"It is irrefutable that Corbyn has not taken the decisive action that a party in a Democratic Western country would take when there is manifest anti-Semitism in its ranks", he added.

"He was saying to the world, advertising that if it came to nuclear blackmail from Iran, North Korea or anywhere else that he would be vulnerable to that blackmail because he'd never press the button", Mr Johnson said. During the miners' strike in the 1980s, Nottinghamshire miners refused to strike without a national strike ballot.

These are the people who "wargasm" at Theresa May's policy of using nuclear weapons as first strike attack weapons (rather than as a nuclear deterrent), and consider Jeremy Corbyn a unsafe madman for saying he would never trigger nuclear Armageddon by launching a nuclear strike first! Only past year, he called for a power-sharing agreement with Argentina, which continues to claim the archipelago in the South Atlantic despite losing the 1982 war.

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Whether this would be a winning formula in the US - it's not expected to boost Labour into power, even with the United Kingdom race running tighter than expected - would likely divide opinion among rank-and-file Democrats.