Does Wonder Woman give women enough to cheer?


Warner Bros (and Jenkins herself) definitely has plans to make a Wonder Woman sequel, but news has it that Jenkins is not yet signed on as director.

Now that Gal Gadot is a bonafide movie star after the record-breaking success of Wonder Woman, everyone's interested in learning more about her.

It's just a generally good movie and Patty Jenkins has a lot to bargain with. And she's already been talking a great deal about what she wants to do with the Wonder Woman sequel and how excited she is to do one.

If you're wavering about whether to see Wonder Woman, who are you and have you been planning some nefarious villainy on a planet far, far away?

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Jenkins doesn't even have an option in place - a contractual safeguard that lets Warner Bros. call her back to duty, one insider said. The Israeli actress recently made a startling revelations which will no doubt impress you beyond measure.

Choosing the best villain for a Wonder Woman sequel is not quite as straight-forward as it seems because we still don't know if the story will be set in modern times of not.

What's it like to audition to play Wonder Woman in her first ever stand-alone film?

Wonder Woman is the first female superhero to be given the "big screen treatment" in the modern superhero era and according to Warner Bros "is the flawless movie to bring us into summer".

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But director Patty Jenkins saw the situation for what it truly was.

The money is also notably higher than other women-led comic book super hero/villain films, like Catwoman, which brought in $82 million worldwide, and Elektra, which grossed $57 million its opening weekend.

Gal Gadot and the whole team behind Wonder Woman absolutely destroyed the box office this weekend. It's a lovely story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love.

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