Edgar Wright will never watch Ant-Man


Nevertheless, Wright's penchant for snidely referencing film history persists in Baby Driver, with brief cameo appearances from singer-songwriter and actor Paul Williams and acclaimed filmmaker Walter Hill that steep the film in an unparalleled cinematic literacy.

Given that the film's soundtrack is an integral part of the story, Baby Driver's playlist had a big impact on Wright's location choices, with the director having to work out how selected tracks would function in each space. These criminals nearly get away with all of their wrongdoings, but it wouldn't be an interesting movie without some conflict. Normally, Wright's focus is on parody films, but "Baby Driver" is a film that celebrates its seriousness.

Baby Driver Crashes Into Theaters

"Baby Driver" may feel a bit excessive at times, especially considering the length and Wright's obvious self-indulgence in music and style, but the movie is simply too fun to pass up. In turn, that also forces him to assist a maniac killer (Jamie Foxx), a insane couple (Jon Hamm and Eiza González) and a random assortment of unsavory characters, played by Flea and "The Walking Dead's" Jon Bernthal. There's even a sweet romance between Baby and a diner waitress (Lily James). This film is sweet, steady and thrilling, all wrapped up with an extraordinary soundtrack, and guaranteed to keep audiences more than happy in the theater this summer, definitely a flick to see a few times.

Ancel Elgort stars as Baby (you've seen Elgort as Caleb in the "Divergent" series). And Bats and Buddy are already suspicious of the silent, mysterious Baby, sensing that he doesn't really belong in their world. Elgort paces the screen in Baby Driver in a nondescript manner that serves to echo the illusive nature of his day job, thus lending most of the screen to the action, subterfuge, and mayhem that surrounds him. It tells a good story, even if that story isn't particularly new. Because of Wright's unique vision, this song selection comes across as the ideal background music for this wild and insane world.

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Imagine a feature length version of that.

Winding and wheeling his way around Atlanta's city streets, Baby evades the cops with devilish gear shifts and burnouts that will leave audiences totally floored (the movie uses no CGI for the vehicle stunt work).

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If you like heart-stopping driving, this is the action movie for you; it puts the capital "T" in thrills.

In Baby Driver, Wright delivers in every way that fans have come to expect, while simultaneously managing to offer something that at first appears to come out of left field. Instead, it's a very polished and often under-cooked execution.

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"The only thing I regret is the time wasted", he stated. It sounds cheesy on paper, but seeing, and hearing it, in "Baby Driver" is a whole other experience. It's just a cutesy (but shockingly R-rated at times), toned-down Edgar Wright movie. Baby's deaf foster father Joseph (CJ Jones) is used purely as a prop when Baby's cool facade needs cracking just enough for the audience to care about his fate.