Election 2017: So what happens now with a hung parliament?


It's a stunning result, for a whole lot of reasons. "It is the strength of our communities that gets us through these terrible times as London Mayor Sadiq Khan recognized, but which the current occupant in the White House has neither the grace nor the sense to grasp", Corbyn said.

When Theresa May announced back in April she was calling a risky snap election, three years before it was necessary, she invited British voters to increase her Conservative government's majority and give her the strengthened mandate she needed to go into Brexit talks and get a good deal for the country.

It recovered somewhat to trade at $1.2677 but remained well short of the $1.2955 level before the exit poll was published late Thursday.

Of course, the exit poll could be wrong, but investors initially took its findings as evidence that Britain is headed for a hung parliament, meaning a government will not be formed immediately, as would be the case if a majority was won.

At the time she was riding high in the polls and she pushed a tough message on Brexit on the campaign trail, saying she was planning to be a "bloody hard woman" in Brussels.

Among other precious metals, palladium hit its highest in almost three years at $861.40 an ounce.

Just days before the election was called, a lone assailant also ran over pedestrians and stabbed a police officer to death outside British parliament on 22 March, killing five people.

"She is a damaged Prime Minister whose reputation may never recover".

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The Tory former minister Anna Soubry said she should "consider her position" after a "dreadful" campaign.

Unofficially, the pundits said Ms May smelled blood in the water as she enjoyed a massive lead in the opinion polls. Well the mandate she has got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence.

Natural bedfellows in a Conservative-led coalition, perhaps, but with their staunch commitment to an open border with neighboring southern Ireland, they could yet prove a decisive and outsized force in Brexit negotiations - and by virtue, the success or failure of the Conservative Party's key manifesto pledge.

ABC News correspondent Steve Cannanesaid Ms May's authority has been undermined by this result.

"It undermines her authority in the party, it undermines her authority in the view of the electorate but it undermines her authority if she's to negotiate leaving the European Union", he said.

Right. So what happens next?

At the time of writing, the left-wing Labour Party had picked up 257 of the U.K.'s 650 seats, and was set to gain several more.

According to the BBC, Ms May has until June 13 to cobble together a deal to keep herself in power or resign.

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But Conservative MPs will find this statement extraordinary given she repeated the mantra "strong and stable" throughout the campaign and the result has ended up in huge uncertainty, instability and a falling pound.

Conservative MPs have hardly given Ms May glowing endorsements in post-election coverage.

"I would have thought that's enough to go, actually, and make way for a government that will be truly be representative of all of the people of this country".

The result means Brexit talks are now in danger of being delayed.

Having pledged to be the strong Prime Minister fighting for Britain in the negotiating room in Brussels, May appears to have lost her majority because of voters rejected the type of Brexit she had proposed.

He said the federation would push for the United Kingdom to remain in the single market and fight against restrictions to the free movement of people, which was identified by the arts as one of the key concerns for the creative industries as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the EU. "We know when they must end", Mr Tusk tweeted.

And what about the Scottish referendum?

UK Conservatives in Talks With DUP Over Coalition Arrangement
The most likely partner for the Conservatives is the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland. The party have actually wanted this to happen since the last election.