Florida releases 2017 school grades


Sarasota County Schools has earned another A grade for the 2016-2017 school year from the Florida Department of Education, and is one of only two districts in the state to have earned an A every year since grading began in 20014.

That's not happened before in the county, district officials said. There were also fewer F schools. They said Duval had more "A" schools, 41, than last year's 28, and 89 percent of its schools reached an "A, B, or C", up from 75 percent last year.

Four elementary schools - Montclair, Oakcrest, C.A. Weis, and Lincoln Park - improved from an "F" last year, with the biggest gains taking place at Lincoln Park, which jumped from an "F" school in 2016 to a "B" school this year. The total number of F schools fell to 11 schools, down from 43 schools past year.

71 percent of schools that earned a "D" or "F" in 2015-16 improved by at least one letter grade in 2016-17.

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"I am proud that more than two-thirds of the schools that were being monitored through the school improvement program improved to a C or better".

Eustis High School received an "incomplete" grade. About 540 of them, or 30 percent, earned the top rank compared to 21 percent the year before.

According to the new Florida law schools that receive a grade of "D" or "F" will be shutdown and a charter school operator will take them over.

A total of 1,589 schools maintained an "A" grade (660 schools) or increased their grade (929 schools) in 2016-17.

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"This is my proudest moment", Carvalho said.

The statewide rating of its schools and districts, which has drawn criticism from some educators, is based on five main components, including high school graduation rates, state test scores and college-readiness.

"Florida School Grade calculation is based nearly entirely on math and reading scores and reflects socioeconomics", Twitter user Minimize Testing posted.

There is a financial incentive for those schools that do well on the annual report card. "I applaud the work of the previous administration and I am excited that we are well on our way to becoming a destination school district". Floridians should be proud of the continuous improvement of our K-12 schools. "I am thankful for the dedicated teachers, students and parents who work every day to advance education in our schools".

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