Florida Voices React to Senate Proposal to Repeal and Replace Obamacare


Trump held a celebratory press conference after the House approved its health care bill in May, but later called the legislation "mean" in front of Republican senators. This is what we get when we have a 13-member group, made up only of male Senate Republicans, develop a plan in secret. "Because Obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class, and American families deserve better than its failing status quo".

Mr McConnell has only a thin margin of error: The bill would fail if just three of the Senate's 52 GOP senators oppose it.

Democrats gathered on the Senate floor and defended Obama's 2010 overhaul.

"Millions would lose insurance coverage altogether, women would be denied access to the provider of their choice, and many would face skyrocketing premium costs", said Dr. Haywood Brown, president of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, in a statement."Hardworking women and families would return to the days when having a child or facing a devastating diagnosis could mean bankruptcy".

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Those subsidies would be based on income, rather than the age-based subsidies contained in the House bill - a "major improvement", according to Republican Senator Susan Collins, a key moderate who has expressed concern over the bill's impact on the poor. While Obama has repeatedly defended the Affordable Care Act, which represents perhaps his most significant domestic legislative achievement, Thursday's statement was even more pointed than his previous comments.

The Senate legislation provides less money, however, for the opioid epidemic, allocating $2 billion in 2018, compared with $45 billion over 10 years in the House version.

As NPR's Danielle Kurtzleben reports, the BCRA is similar in many ways to the House's health care alternative, the American Health Care Act, that passed last month.

"ObamaCare is dead and we're putting a plan out today that is going to be negotiated", Trump said at a White House technology event earlier in the day. Some from states that have expanded the program have battled to prolong the phase-out, while conservative Republicans have sought to halt the funds quickly. The Senate Republicans' plan puts a lid on that by rolling back the Obama-era expansion of the program and then granting states a set amount of money for each person enrolled. Younger people also might benefit by paying less toward coverage, helping boost their enrollment.

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Some Texas advocates said Thursday that the proposal would increase the number of uninsured people in the state, thanks largely to the changes in Medicaid rules and subsidies. This provision may result in cheaper premiums, but can lead to higher out-of-pocket costs and diminished offerings on the state's insurance market.

Fewer people will qualify for tax credits to help buy insurance. Under the ACA, insurers are required to cover contraception, preventative care, emergency services, and mental health and substance abuse services. Neither the House nor Senate bills include this mechanism, known as the individual mandate, the Washington Post reported.

Schumer concluded by claiming that many Republicans reject the notion that the government should provide health insurance to needy Americans. The way this bill cuts health care is heartless. The payments help offset costs for insurers in exchange for offering more affordable coverage to low-income Americans.

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