France's Macron, Alongside Putin, Denounces Two Russian Media For Election Meddling


Vladimir Putin made a visit yesterday to France and held a meeting with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, where he was interviewed by the French newspaper and it will be posted in tomorrow´s edition, while the video was previously published on the website.

The two leaders held a joint press conference on Monday after a meeting at the lavish Palace of Versailles, now the host of an exhibition commemorating the 300th anniversary of Peter the Great's diplomatic visit to Paris and surrounding areas, France24 reported.

Nonetheless, Russia's ambassador to Paris, Alexander Orlov said on Monday that he expected this first meeting between the two men to be full of "smiles" and marking the beginning of "a very good and long relationship".

Addressing his presidential election campaign, he said: "Russia Today and Sputnik were agents of influence in this campaign and, on several occasions, disseminated lies about myself and my campaign".

The two leaders discussed the issue of terrorism at length, as well as Syria and Ukraine, although admittedly from two different standpoints. "Anything can be done in this virtual world", Putin said.

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During a press conference with the Russian leader, Macron said that he had emphasised to Putin "how important it is for France to respect all people, all minorities".

The leader of Russia's Chechnya has invited the French president and the German chancellor to visit his region and check for themselves the reports about gay people being killed and tortured there.

This is now the norm in Politics and Western Media, if you are not a globalist, socialist, cultural marxist then of course you must be under the influence of Putin and be working with "the Russians".

Regarding the conflict in Syria, the French President also had strong words for Russian Federation and its allies, including Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

"Schaffhauser expressed his hope that Macron, following his meeting with the Russian president, would take an independent stance on the ongoing global conflicts, especially the one in Ukraine". Putin said the two leaders assess many issues similarly and their relations could be "qualitatively" improved.

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Asked if sanctions against Russian Federation were helping to stop the fighting in eastern Ukraine, Putin said, "Here is the answer: in no way".

Afterwards, Mr Macron told French media the exchange was "not innocent" and he had wanted to "show he would not make small concessions, not even symbolic ones, but also not overdo things".

During the campaign, Macron backed expanded sanctions if there were no progress with Moscow implementing a peace accord for eastern Ukraine, where Kiev's forces have been battling pro-Russian separatists.

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Macron stressed out that France saw a "red line" in Syria in terms of the use of chemical weapons.

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Putin added that Russian Federation had been well-aware of opinion polls predicting Macron's victory.