Google's Top Lawyer: Four Ways Google, YouTube Will Help Tackle Extremism


Google will devote more engineering resources to apply its most advanced machine learning research to train new content classifiers to help identify and remove extremist and terrorism-related content more quickly.

Google said that they "have used video analysis models to find and assess more than 50% of the terrorism-related content" they have removed over the past six months. "Now", Kent Walker, senior vice president and general counsel at Google, in a blogpost.

Google tightens the security measures to remove extremist content on YouTube, this popular social media will be more secure and comfortable for users, without the extremist content, said Google on Sunday.

Google has revealed today an additional four steps it will take in order to tackle online terror.

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YouTube, the online video platform owned by Google, has issued a statement pertaining the measures it will be taking to combat extremist content. This ranges from the thousands of employees Google has reviewing content, to technologies and systems that automatically prevent the upload and re-upload of known terrorist material, to the government and law-enforcement co-operation that the company is involved in.

Secondly, the company hopes to greatly increase its amount of Trusted Flaggers on YouTube by nearly doubling the amount of Non-Government Organizations (NGO) that are already operating, and financially backing them up with operational grants. The company also added that such videos will not be monetised, recommended or eligible for user comments and endorsement. The company said that it thinks "this strikes the right balance between free expression and access to information without promoting extremely offensive viewpoints".

While machines have grown powerful enough to defeat most qualified Chinese Go players, they're still not completely competent in identifying extremist videos on YouTube.

By working with Jigsaw, Google hopes to implement a Redirect Method more widely across Europe. Its approach targets online advertising to reach potential Islamic State recruits, and redirects them towards anti-terrorist videos that can change their minds about joining.

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Companies throughout the tech industry are working on how to keep platforms for user-generated content open without allowing them to become dens of extremism. In previous deployments of this system, potential recruits have clicked through on the ads at an unusually high rate, and watched over half a million minutes of video content that debunks terrorist recruiting messages.

Walker said: "Collectively, these changes will make a difference".

Mr Johnson is expected to tell his European Union counterparts: "We all want to protect our people so we must say together that enough is enough - terrorism affects us all and we need a common approach to ensure the problem gets solved, and at a much faster pace than we are seeing right now".

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