Hawaii becomes first state to enact law aligning with Paris agreement


For now, he said, China, European countries and individual USA states will fill the gap left by the federal government's move to abdicate leadership on the issue.

France's new President Emmanuel Macron is leading the charge to keep the momentum on the landmark accord that was reached in the French capital in 2015, after a pullout decision by Trump that drew condemnation from world leaders.

Before meeting with Xi, Brown proved his dedication to fighting climate change by signing two more pacts with leaders in Jiangsu and Sichuan.

Undoing most existing USA programs that curb auto pollution and other climate-changing emissions would probably take years and court battles if Trump tries, climate experts say.

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Like the Paris accord, the deals are all nonbinding.

"Besides, cutting emissions has been an irreversible global trend, though there might be some temporary setbacks", Tao said.

Brown, a Democrat, is traveling across China this week to forge new links on clean energy between the state and the world's most populous country and largest vehicle market, urging it to take environmental cues from Sacramento, not the White House.

David Sandalow, a former undersecretary of energy under the Obama administration, criticized America's stance on climate change. But many industrial companies argue otherwise.

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Rick Perry, the Energy Secretary for the Trump Administration, will be attending the summit in Beijing as well.

French President Emmanuel Macron has made a strong pledge to stand by the accord and similar reactions from India and China confirm that the Paris deal is "our common roadmap" to a low-carbon world, Delattre said. "He is trying to revive the fossil-fuel industry, such as the use of coal, which became the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the United States". Disney's Robert Iger also resigned from the Presidential Council after the President Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

The spokesman accused the USA of taking a decision "ignorant of the fact that the protection of the global environment is in their own interests". China and Europe want the U.S.to transition to more expensive energy sources - in no small part because they want to regain the competitiveness they lost due to their own green energy policies.

Without mentioning Trump by name, Brown told attendees at a forum on electric vehicles that "there are still people in powerful places who are resisting reality, who are resisting the obvious science that we know governs our lives".

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Later, when asked by the AP what could prompt the U.S. to return to the forefront of climate change efforts, Brown replied, "Science, facts, the world, the marketplace".