Hawaii Becomes First State to Pass Legislation Supporting Paris Agreement


Ige noted at the signing ceremony Tuesday at the state capitol that Hawaii is seeing the impacts of climate change first-hand. It is being used in reference to the Paris Climate Accords.

Gov. David Ige signed two bills Tuesday that reflect climate goals in the Paris accord.

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David Ige signed two bills yesterday (June 6) to enforce parts of the Paris Agreement-making Hawaii the first state to take concrete action in support of the worldwide climate agreement.

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Fortunately for anyone who cares about the environmental health of the planet and actually takes climate change seriously ― rather than, say, believing it's a Chinese hoax, or that the other Paris signatories were only happy with the deal because it screwed over the US ― the long, slow withdrawal process means this could still be a viable issue in a 2020 presidential campaign.

Chicago based NRI Press Club and the Hindu American Foundation have been quick to react voicing their concerns over the apparent ill thought out Trump decision to pull the country out of the climate pact. An alliance between California, Washington, New York, and nine other states quickly vowed to drop emissions by 26-28 percent from 2005 levels.

Tin Ponlok, secretary general of the National Council for Sustainable Development at the Ministry of Environment, said it was "regretful" that Trump chose to abandon the agreement. He was reading The Sun and he looked up at me and said, "Mate, this climate change thing's apparently a pretty big deal".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spent the last five days quietly calling up allies in Europe and Asia as he seeks to forge ahead with climate change policies and worldwide co-operation in a world of "America First".

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California Governor Jerry Brown told AP at an global clean energy conference in Beijing that Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Paris agreement will ultimately only prove to be a temporary setback, ABC News reported. Similarly, the two bills Ige signed into law are aimed at combatting greenhouse gas emissions, promoting carbon sequestration and improving soil health.

US President Donald Trump has acted on another threat he had made during his election campaign.

"The world now needs new leaders, both at the worldwide and local levels and have no doubt that the departure of the US will give room to a whole new set of dynamics but the work will proceed", he added.

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