House Colleagues Closely Watch As Senate Mulls Healthcare Bill


Facing a potentially disastrous defeat by members of his own party, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decided on Tuesday to delay a vote on healthcare legislation in order to get more support from Republican senators. Senate leaders do not believe they have the votes to pass the bill as it is with a group of Republicans along with all Democrats in the Senate opposed to it.

After the Congressional Budget Office released its score of the bill yesterday, which predicted that 22 million people will lose coverage if the Senate bill becomes law, Collins tweeted her opposition.

The Senate Republican healthcare bill ran into serious trouble late Monday when key GOP senators indicated they may block the Obamacare overhaul from proceeding to a vote this week.

After meeting with President Donald Trump and other administration officials with fellow Republican senators at the White House, Hoeven elaborated on his position Tuesday in an interview.

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"I have studied the draft legislation and Congressional Budget Office analysis to understand its impact on West Virginians", Capito said in a statement. Rural America was a stronghold for Trump in the 2016 presidential election. If not, the bill is very likely to go down.

Ryan told reporters on Tuesday: "I would not bet against Mitch McConnell".

For states like MI with Medicaid expansion, the Senate bill would reduce federal funding starting in 2021.

At least four conservative Republican senators - Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson and Mike Lee - said their opposition remained unchanged after the CBO analysis.

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According to the CBO report, the Senate bill would result in 49 million people lacking health coverage by 2026 - 22 million more than would have been uninsured under Obamacare.

But even with talk of a delay in July, there were also ominous signs for the GOP, as some more moderate Senators cast doubt on how a deal could be reached which bridges the gap between the moderate and conservative wings of the GOP.

"You don't want to bring something up unless you know you have the votes to pass it".

The major finding of the CBO is that the newly revised senate bill would push the number of uninsured to 49 million in 2026 as opposed to 28 million under the present bill.

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It also ends the tax penalty the ACA imposes on people who don't buy insurance and on larger businesses that don't offer coverage to workers, gives states more flexibility in their approach to health care, defunds Planned Parenthood for a year and offers controls aimed at stabilizing insurance markets. This is similar to when Trump tried to win over House Republicans on their bill earlier this year - the president did not appear interested in in discussing detailed policy. But three GOP senators are threatening to vote against a procedural motion to begin debate, a vote expected Wednesday.