Killer Instinct Is Headed To Steam Later On In The Year


While the full details aren't present (like if your Xbox One/PC purchases will carry over or if there will be cross-platform play), this is some pretty great news for people who aren't fans of the Windows Store. The game came to Windows 10 just previous year, allowing PC users to take a crack at it as well. It then consolidated its position by launching on Windows 10 a year ago.

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During the Community Effort Orlando tournament finals last weekend, Alex Jebailey, founder and CEO of CEO Gaming, has announced and confirmed that this action-packed brawler is joining Halo Wars and Quantum Break on Steam.

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The Killer Instinct franchise was revived back in 2013. Since then, the game has only been sold through Microsoft's online stores for Windows and Xbox. The game has never been sold through Steam even though that was what many player wanted. No precise release date has been provided as yet but at least now we know that this is going to happen.

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This news has been seconded when Killer Instinct's official Twitter page broke the news: "That's right, KI is coming to Steam later this year!" We also do not know why Iron Galaxy made a decision to release Killer Instinct via Steam after all this time, but fans will not be complaining about this good turn of events, that's for sure.