Lewis Hamilton fastest in 1st practice at Canadian GP


Stroll, who has finished only two of the first six races, hopes to place in the top 10 and earn his first F1 points. But that was not left him speechless afterwards.

The canary yellow helmet was worn by Senna during the 1987 season when he raced for the Lotus-Honda team.

"I don't actually own or possess anything from Ayrton, so this is the most special thing I have, above and beyond all of my trophies", Hamilton added.

Q1 ended in disappointment for a lot of drivers who were trying to improve their times and get through to Q2 when Sauber's Pascal Wehrlein crashed into the barrier at turn one at the end of the session after catching a wheel on the grass and spinning off. To receive this is a great honour.

"I expect a close race".

"As a kid I would get home and think, "one day if I am really lucky and I can get to Formula One, I want to emulate Ayrton".

"I remember coming home from school and putting on video tape of Ayrton so it is really unusual to think that now I'm here and I have that many poles".

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"Given that it is the most hard season of my career, racing against these two great drivers and Kimi [Raikkonen], and having us so close - it really pushes all of us to the limit and it requires us to be ideal". A big, big thank-you to the Senna family and everyone here.

Had Senna been watching, he would have been proud of his disciple. Vettel won it in 2013 while Raikkonen's lone win was in 2005.

It was the site of his first pole and first career win.

But the success did not come without a fight.

Vettel was off in both sessions, while Frenchman Romain Grosjean had his Haas spinning three times and Dane Daniil Kvyat twice.

"It appears from the outside that the Ferrari generally is easier [to set up] - whilst they're still working hard - it works everywhere, so it seems". Until Hamilton unleased a stupendous lap on his first run in the final session.

The 3rd-fastest Valtteri Bottas and 4th-quickest Kimi Raikkonen to share the 2nd row.

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A blistering lap, completed in one minute and 11.459 seconds, was enough for Mercedes driver Hamilton to claim his 65th pole, equalling the haul of his idol Senna. I would have loved to repeat the second run I had and just find a little bit. It was a sexy lap, it was a great lap. "To equal him; I just can't believe it".

"The lap started perfectly, very smooth, no mistakes, built it up and then the last corner which has always been a strength of mine".

"The problem was when you try to do consecutive laps, with traffic, it's not ideal".

"We have the pace [to win tomorrow]", Vettel said.

1996 world champion Damon Hill, watching over Hamilton's pole lap, added: "There's minimal steering input on that vehicle". "The first priority tomorrow will be to finish the race". It has been close everywhere except maybe Monaco. "It will be a long race".

"I don't own any of Senna's artifacts", the British driver said.

Hamilton has just three more to get until he matches Michael Schumacher's record of 68 and Wolff is not surprised his driver his so close to re-writing F1's record books.

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"Every bad race we have we are losing points to Ferrari so for sure we need to pick up some pace, make the vehicle better, quicker, improve mechanically. anything is going to help".