Liberal government waiting for more details on Trump travel ban decision


"This ruling will devastate some of the most vulnerable people in the world, innocent people who are fleeing the exact kind of violence that this executive order seeks to protect against", said Bill O'Keefe, vice president for government relations and advocacy. Any messy fallout or missteps could threaten to derail what was otherwise considered a victory for the administration.

"We know that people are going to be hurt by this, and there will be a lot of disruption and dislocation", said Lavinia Limón, president and chief executive of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

"Now we are U.S. Citizens, I worry about this country as much as you do, the temporary travel ban is to benefit the people of U.S. safety-wise, that's why we support it", Wehbey said.

For now, if you have a relative here, have been hired by a USA employer or admitted to a US university, you can still probably get a visa. "For individuals, a close familial relationship is required".

However, he noted that visa-seekers and visa-holders could face problems at airports - where there don't have access to legal counsel - if the Trump administration tries to implement a broader interpretation of the travel ban than what was provided by the Supreme Court. The same ground rules apply to another part of the order putting a 120-day stop to the USA program for admitting refugees.

Sabrie said, "That's a delay for people who can least afford it".

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"The Court's ruling will leave refugees stranded in hard and unsafe situations overseas, including those who have already waited a long time for us resettlement", he said.

"The facts tell us that these refugees already undergo significant vetting - more than anyone who enters the United States - and none has gone on to commit acts of violence", O'Keefe said. "And the courts below did not conclude that exclusion in such circumstances would impose any legally relevant hardship for the foreign national himself", the court said. "Many of these individuals may not have 'bona fide relationships, ' but have strong reasons to look to the United States for protection". But, federal district courts had temporarily blocked the executive order - a revised version of which was signed in March - and an appeals court upheld the suspension. Trump would then have the opportunity to appoint another justice to the Supreme Court bench, which would result in conservative Justice John Roberts holding the pivotal tie-breaking vote.

Airports may be less likely to see the same sorts of demonstrations given the advance warning, that those with prior permission to enter are not affected and the months people have had to reach the US since the first ban was blocked.

And human rights group called on Congress "to step in immediately to nullify [the ban] once and for all"- or risk further chaos.

"We are awaiting additional details from USA officials", Derible said in an emailed statement.

"With many groups, it's clear-cut from the type of visa: Anyone coming in on family visa or employment visa, by their terms it's clear they have a bona fide relationship", he said. Republican senators have been reluctant to support the bill, and the figures released by the CBO will likely make it even more hard to garner support.

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So, it's good news if you have a provable connection to the US. "The justices that would have allowed the entire ban to go into affect even said in their opinion that this implies that the court thinks that the government will succeed". But by then, a key provision may have expired, possibly making the review unnecessary.

"Right now we're just pleased with what the Supreme Court has done", Spicer added.

Here's what can happen Monday and some background on the executive order.

The first ban ordered by President Trump on January 27 put a blanket ban on people from Iraq, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen and indefinitely halted the acceptance of refugees from Syria.

The administration has argued that the ban would not go into effect until court orders blocking each provision were lifted.

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