London attackers were chef, clerk and 'suspicious' Italian


Fifty-two people were killed across Britain's capital in the coordinated strike and more than 700 others were injured. All three of the attackers were shot dead by police.

British police said Zaghba had not been a subject of interest for them or the domestic intelligence agency MI5 before he and two others launched their attack. The identity of the third attacker has also emerged, as has the fact that not only was the United Kingdom warned about him, but also the possibility that had there been action on that intelligence, the attacks could have been avoided. He was working at reception of a local fitness center.

Last year, Butt was featured in a Channel 4 documentary about British-based Islamists titled The Jihadis Next Door.

An al Qaida recruiter turned Federal Bureau of Investigation informant, Jesse Morton, told The New York Times he reported to United States authorities that Butt "had expanded his influence" in al Muhajiroun, a banned terror group in the UK, in 2015.

One counter-terrorism source told CNN Masood was on the periphery of an investigation into an al Qaeda suicide bomb plot thwarted in Birmingham in 2011. "But he had Internet and that's where everything comes from", she said.

- Al-Muhajiroun has also been linked to Michael Adebolajo, one of the men convicted of slaying British soldier Lee Rigby near a military barracks in southeast London in 2013.

He married a British woman named Charisse O'Leary, who posted on Facebook last month that Redouane was negligent in seeing their young daughter and on one planned visit, she said he told her: "I'm going swimming".

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- Butt "infrequently" attended Jabir bin Zayd Islamic Centre in Barking, that mosque said in a statement.

A London police spokesman said: "We haven't released anything at the moment, nor are we confirming anything but as soon as we are ready to name him, it will be on our website".

French President Emmanuel Macron said a third French victim had been identified among those killed in the attack, adding: "We are paying a heavy cost in these attacks". They described him as a quiet family man who kept to himself.

The PM said she would make it easier to deport foreign terror suspects and "restrict the freedom and movements" of those that present a threat.

- He had claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan, Met Police said.

As the investigation expanded to look at how the men knew one another and whether they were part of a larger conspiracy, Pakistani intelligence authorities swooped Tuesday into the town of Jhelum, where Khurum Butt lived until the time he was 7, when he moved to Britain.

Italy's anti-terror police continued to monitor Zaghba for 18 months.

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Up to two-thirds of all terror plots involving United Kingdom nationals at home and overseas in the previous two decades had been linked to the group according to the sources, including the 2005 London bombings, the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in east London in 2013 and a copycat plot in August 2014 to behead another British soldier in the capital.

It is believed Zaghba worked in a restaurant in London after being stopped at Bologna Airport in March past year when he tried to travel to Syria via Turkey, Corriere claims.

Mr McMullan's sister said he was believed to be among those who died, after his bank card was found on a body at the scene.

A man was arrested in Limerick, in the Irish Republic on Tuesday over the discovery of ID documents in Redouane's name.

According to The Independent, Italian authorities had informed their British counterparts in April 2016 about Zaghba's efforts to join Islamic State. It's not clear what all was known.

The announcement came amid more raids and arrests following the Saturday night rampage - even as officials faced questions about how intelligence services apparently lost track of at least two suspects before the attack.

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