Mastermind behind Tehran twin attacks killed: Iranian Intelligence Ministry


The Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has, in a post on his Twitter account, indirectly attacked Riyadh for preparing the grounds for the terrorist assaults on the Iranian Parliament and the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini. Scores of people were wounded.

Iran's Intelligence Ministry said yesterday five of the attackers were Iranian nationals recruited by Islamic State who had fought in the militants' main strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

He added that the large number of terrorist operations thwarted by Iran had pushed the terrorists into engaging in the Wednesday attacks. According to Iranian authorities, the team of five that carried out the attack was able to hide and evade authorities after the raid on Abu Ayesha's hideout.

Alavi also said that Iran had prevented over 100 terrorist attacks in the last two years.

Saudi King fires nephew, names son as Crown Prince
The Saudi stock market is up over 4 percent after news that King Salman has placed his 31-year-old son next in line to the throne. Mohammed is also defence minister with overall responsibility for the kingdom's military intervention in Yemen.

Dozens of suspects have been arrested since the attacks on Wednesday killed 17 people in the first assault in Iran to be claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group.

Trump and the Saudi king last month signed eight different agreements approving nearly US$110 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The Revolutionary Guard Corps, meanwhile, has accused Saudi Arabia and the US of standing behind Wednesday's deadly attacks.

The June 8 attacks in Teheran were the first for which ISIS has claimed responsibility in Iran.

Ronaldo exit: Perez's interview may keep player in Real Madrid
They claim that "corporate structures were used by the accused in order to hide revenues generated from his image rights". Those include Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo , who played under Mourinho and shares the same agent as him.

"Daesh is an worldwide danger", he said. Some cried, while others chanted, "Death to Saudi Arabia", "Death to America" and "God is greatest". "We are the agents of nobody", the fighters said. Onlookers reached out to touch passing victims' coffins, wrapped in Iranian flags.

"I came with my friends to show our solidarity with our supreme leader and nation".

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Since U.S. President Donald Trump took office in January, the yawning gap between Tehran and Washington has grown even wider with Trump's latest efforts to isolate Iran in the region, while bolstering cooperation with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.

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Other parts of Trump's administration have been striving to moderate that message. Security agencies gunned all four terrorists who carried out the attack in Parliament, and later swept the building for bombs.