MI sues Flint over failing to approve long-term water deal


The Flint city council is refusing to ratify a deal backed by Mayor Karen Weaver, the EPA, and the DEQ. And the state is not happy.

The state's lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Detroit said Flint council's failure to meet a Monday deadline on picking the Great Lakes Water Authority or another "reasonable" source "will cause an imminent and substantial endangerment to public health in Flint".

Since fall 2015, the city has received water from the Great Lakes Water Authority, which the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, or MDEQ, says "has proven to be safe, reliable and protective of public health".

Reacting to the MDEQ lawsuit, Weaver stated, "While disappointing that the state and federal government are now involved in making a decision we as City leaders should be making for Flint, I can not say that I am surprised".

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State officials, however, want to secure something long-term to avoid any further switches.

"I do not agree with the RTAB's decision", she said in a statement released June 28, though she said the council's refusal to sign on to the proposal "means the City will now have to purchase water at a much higher price".

The State Administrative Board approved the additional funds Tuesday as part of a plan to also extend contracts by one year for outside lawyers working on the cases.

The suit was filed in federal court and seeks an order that Flint must enter into the 30-year contract to comply with federal and state drinking water laws.

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The city was poised to join the Karegnondi Water Authority, but the extensive updates and repairs that would need to be made to the Flint water treatment plant would take three and a half years to complete, Grether wrote. Her decision is supported by top federal, state and local officials, but has drawn concerns from council members.

"While disappointing that the state and federal government are now involved in making a decision we as city leaders should be making for Flint, I can not say that I am surprised", she said in an online statement.

The MDEQ is asking a federal judge for a declaration that the City Council's inaction was illegal and that it must approve the agreement to use water from the GLWA. "No other alternate pipeline now exists to supply GLWA water to Flint".

Flint gets its drinking water from a pipe that Genesee County is expected to take back in October, according to MLive.

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