Microsoft Details Specs for Xbox One X, Formerly Called Project Scorpio


The Xbox One X will also be launching this November 7th. Meanwhile, the Xbox One X promises to 4K HDR gaming at 60 frames per second for a smooth and fluid experience.

In other, Xbox-specific news (since this was revealed during the Xbox E3 presentation), Mojang will also be releasing a "Super Duper Graphics Pack" update for the Xbox One, specifically aimed at the graphics-supercharged Xbox One X console that is coming out in November.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday pulled the plug on a proposed class action alleging defects in Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles, ruling that the Ninth Circuit does not have jurisdiction to review an order denying class certification after the consumers in the suit voluntarily dropped their claims.

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And, to be fair, Microsoft is unequivocally positioning the Xbox One X as a premium game machine.

So how about hardcore gamers - video game fanatics who are willing to spend thousands on a gaming rigs that will play the latest PC games at 4K resolution and 90FPS?

Demand for Switch consoles has been so intense since its launch early this year that the consoles are tough to find in stores and Nintendo has reportedly doubled production. Beyond that, I'm positive that this isn't the right messaging to convince anyone to upgrade. Not only the most powerful but first time ever a console using liquid cooling. The original Xbox One was criticised for being slower than Sony's PlayStation 4.

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No brainer if you are in the market for a new console and can swing the $500 price tag then the Xbox One X makes a lot of sense - especially if you are already on a 4K TV display or even a full HD option.

In terms of graphics, the One X features a custom 6 teraflops GPU that runs at 1172MHz. Externally, the console has a similar design to the Xbox One S, refreshed with a black finish and a smaller footprint. Looks like Halo meets Titanfall 2, and that should be enough to get you pre-ordering it already. I wish the best for the Xbox One X and will be purchasing one myself, but I hope this repeat of the same dreaded mistake doesn't prove to once again be a thorn in Microsoft's, and consequentially the Xbox One's, side.

Microsoft opening their press conference with details on Project Scorpio, announcing that its official name is the #Xbox One X.

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Note: Pre-orders are due to begin once the FCC has approved the device.