Nintendo Went To Psyonix To Bring Rocket League to Switch


To conclude, I believe that the Xbox One X will sell, but won't counter Sony's PS4 console. It might seem expensive and a insane thing to do, but this new console is designed for a different type of customer and Microsoft is confident about its sales, though they know it won't be the most popular and lucrative product of 2018.

Speaking with WCCFTech, Monolith Productions' design director Bob Roberts confirmed that Shadow Of War will run at Native 4K on Xbox One X. As for the PS4 Pro, he revealed that the team is still optimizing the game for Sony's console. Microsoft also claims there's no other console that can do what the Xbox One X can offer right now. Players will remain unconvinced that the announced games for the console are not enough for this year.

One might ask, "Why can't company X release an extremely powerful console with top-of-the-line specs that could blow any gaming console out of the water?" But while there is eager anticipation of true 4K gaming, and a wealth of titles to look forward to, there is something of a dark shadow hanging over the upcoming console: that price.

Microsoft understands this argument and perception, according to Spencer. Most people do agree, however, that "Xbox One X" is a bad name - sticking with Scorpio would have been better.

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Despite the lack of this element, it is a fact that being able to play Original Xbox titles on Xbox One is the most important and the true goal of Microsoft.

"It's really targeting the people who already bought an an Xbox One or more likely a PS4, and who are ready to have a second system", Cole said.

As we've reported earlier, Tiago Sousa, a developer at id Software, criticized the use of six or more teraflops of power in the consoles to achieve 4K gaming.

Spencer knows that there will be people who are willing to buy the Xbox One X even at its steep price, and those are mostly rich folks who want a premium experience.

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However, like all good things that came up during Microsoft's E3 press conference, there's a lot of finer details that weren't discussed or brought to light until after all the praise had been heaped upon them. Yet to experience 4K, one would of course have to own a 4K-capable TV or monitor, and without which, the Xbox One X's marquee feature basically becomes pointless.

Xbox One game sales are expected to rise by over 15% in 2017 in part thanks to Microsoft's new high-end Xbox One X system.

For the moment, Microsoft's created a machine that the DIY PC crowd can't now match - not when you try to copy both its feature set and cost at the same time, at least. As a result, the six teraflops of Xbox One X won't be needed.

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