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Russia's special envoy for cyber security, Andrei Krutskhikh, said yesterday the CNN report contained "zero evidence" his government was to blame.

'CNN and some other media sit and wait for any kind of automatically and without any evidence blame it on Russia or Russian hackers, ' he said at a news conference following his talks with Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis.

The Intercept was given the "top secret" documents from a contractor, and those documents made the allegations, though like most official USA documents on the "Russian hack" they continued no evidence that Russia was specifically involved in anything.

UK Election 2017: May fall short of majority in June
Many of the Labour MPs who now come to Westminster had contempt for Jeremy Corbyn's leadership qualities and his manifesto. But, remarkably, Corbyn's anti-establishment positioning seems to have attracted protest voters from unexpected places.

Russian military hackers have been blamed for cyberattacks meant to disrupt the USA presidential election, as well as presidential elections in France and Germany.

The development comes after when Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt, alongside Libya, Yemen and Maldives have cut ties with Qatar.

Other state media in the region ignored the denial and continued to report the comments.

Voters think Trump uses Twitter too much
At this time it's not clear which of the president's twitter handles the White House will consider official. On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that the "FAKE MSM is working so hard trying to get me not to use Social Media".

The FBI have reportedly accused Russian hackers of planting a false news story about the Qatari Emir on May 23.

"The summit of the heads of state of the SCO [Shanghai Cooperation Organization] being held today and tomorrow in Astana is of far greater interest for us", said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov when asked if Moscow would be tuned into the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings.

According to the Russian foreign minister, this is not what CNN was created for. "Whatever happens, there is a Russian trace there, the trace of Russian hackers".

Arab Countries Issue List Of Qatar-Linked 'Terrorists' Rejected By Doha
How might Iran respond to this situation? Zarif also appeared to accuse Saudi Arabia of having a hand in the attacks Wednesday. The current diplomatic, economic, and political isolation of Qatar may indeed kill the GCC, or at a minimum severely wound it.

The U.S. Defense Department said on Tuesday the pro-regime forces posed a "threat" to the coalition and allied forces based at a garrison in the southeastern Syrian border town of at-Tanf as they violated what the coalition called a "well-established de-confliction zone".