Pakistan successfully fought twin evils of terrorism, extremism: PM tells SCO summit


"Connectivity with SCO member countries is a priority for India and we whole heartedly support it". Common wisdom should drive our leaders to expand options by cultivating closer ties with China, Russia and other key countries, while hoping for excellent relations with a United States under Trump.

The two leaders reportedly discussed the current situation in the war-torn country.

The Eurasian political, economic and security union was founded in 1996 in the Chinese city of Shanghai by Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan.

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"The SCO has played an exemplary role in building a new type of global relations featuring win-win cooperation over the past 16 years since its founding", said Sun Zhuangzhi, secretary-general of the SCO Research Center affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

"Russian, China, India and Pakistan are a part of this faction and when it comes to terrorism, Russia being close to India should convince China to eliminate these evil actions from the world. And also a sense that wherever we have concerns, each side will look at it with a degree of seriousness", Jaishankar said while briefing the media on the talks between the two leaders.

"We have full faith that SCO would give a new push to fight terrorism", he said. "India should focus more cooperation and work alongside to provide assistance to each other's developmental goals", Hua said. "India may have to ultimately come to an understanding on Pakistan's membership within the NSG, it seems", Swaran Singh, Professor of International Relations, at the New Delhi-based Jawaharlal Nehru University and a noted expert on India-China relations, told Sputnik. He said Pakistan and its forces are valiantly fighting the menace of terrorism and Pakistan has rendered vast human and economic sacrifices in the struggle in the recent years.

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Congratulating India for joining the SCO family, the prime minister noted, "SCO gives us a powerful platform to build trust, peace and spur economic growth".

Meanwhile, China invested a total of 51.1 billion US dollars in Belt and Road countries from autumn 2013 to July 2016, accounting for 12 percent of its total outbound direct investment.

Those words will have pleased Putin, who says the United States has an outdated vision of a "unipolar" world dominated by Washington and wants to show Russian Federation has not been weakened by western sanctions over its role in the Ukraine crisis.

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Granting India and Pakistan membership at the SCO summit will boost the organization's development and potential, according to a joint press communique released after the summit in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, Xinhua reported.