Philando Castile Shooting Dash Cam Video Released By Police


Authorities have released police dashcam video of a Minnesota cop firing several shots at motorist Philando Castile during a 2016 traffic stop - just days after the officer was acquitted by a jury. The officer, who is Mexican American, asks for proof of insurance and a driver's license. "Don't reach for it then", Yanez says, while Castile assures him he isn't trying to.

Philando Castile was a beloved cafeteria worker at an elementary school.

According to a transcript released Tuesday, Yanez said he thought that if Castile had "the guts and audacity" to smoke marijuana in front of the child and "risk her lungs and risk her life" with secondhand smoke, then Castile didn't care about him either.

"Good", Yanez replies, telling him that the reason why he pulled him over is because the brake light to the auto is out.

The shooting first gained national attention when Reynolds streamed the aftermath of the encounter on Facebook Live, detailing how Castile was shot during a routine traffic stop.

The shooting on July 6 previous year gained widespread attention because Mr Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, livestreamed its gruesome aftermath on Facebook. His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, took to Facebook Live to show the latter part of the incident with Yanez.

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With the release of the dashcam video, members of the public who didn't attend Yanez's trial could hear the tone in Castile's voice that Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said stuck with him when he deliberated over whether to press charges in the case.

Officer Yanez calls for emergency services as he shouts "f***".

Yanez then fires seven shots into the vehicle, fatally striking Castile. "He didn't tell me where the fuckin' gun was", Yanez said.

Castile then tells the officer he isn't pulling it out.

New video of a police shooting that shocked America shows a black man being "gunned down like a rabid animal".

In the video, Officer Yanez approaches the vehicle and notifies Castile that he was pulled over for a malfunctioning brake light.

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Yanez then screams into his walkie-talkie, asking for a medic and saying that shots were fired.

Philando Castile very clearly said he had a firearm.

Officers direct Reynolds out of the auto.

The St. Anthony Police Department parted ways with Yanez after the verdict. I told him to get his hand out!'

A jury cleared Mr Yanez on Friday, sparking protests in the city of St Paul.

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