Prada is selling a $185 paperclip. Excuse me, what?


Prada is selling a money clip in the shape of a paper clip so that you can hold your massive wad of cash together, and the world of twitter has understandably gone into a frenzy over the high price point.

The latest in the litany of designer accessories is Prada's paper clip for $185 (Rs 11,000 approx). For most brand hoggers, it might be the only conceivably affordable item and an easy way to have a Prada in their wardrobe, but is it worth it?

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Of course if you don't want to spend $185 for a Prada paperclip, you only have to spend $150 for the "knockoff". But it's getting some renewed attention online, joining a $2,145 Balenciaga bag that looks like a $1 IKEA tote and $425 mud-stained jeans at Nordstrom.

And I didn't even mention the $85 rock in a leather pouch that I have no idea what it is, but apparently it does exist.

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It's supposed to function as a money clip, according to the website, and is about 2.5 inches long and just under an inch wide.

The luxury fashion house has chose to bring the world a polished sterling silver paperclip worth $185 United States dollars (approximately £145). Because you know anybody who orders a $185 paperclip is always looking for ways to save money.

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