Qatar must be stopped from financing terror


The request was detailed, said the source, and added that Hamas must desist from initiating any activity that will produce attacks. "That would be really bad news for Hamas".

The report said al-Arouri, Hamas' military commander in the West Bank, and others, had been told to leave Qatar after Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, and Egypt, in an unprecedented move on Monday, cut off most diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar. Some of the measures include expelling Qatari diplomats and citizens and closing airspace to Qatar Airways.

They accuse Qatar of supporting armed groups - including Hamas - and their regional rival, Iran. "But it may come back in the future when Qatar feels emboldened again".

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According to Akhbar Al Aan news outlet, the conditions included the expulsion of all the members of the Muslim Brotherhood terror group (outlawed in Russia) and the Palestinian Hamas movement from the country, freezing of their bank accounts and the suspension of any interrelations with these groups.

"We have made a decision to take steps to make it clear that enough is enough", Jubeir told reporters in Paris. The question is whether it can work, and whether Hamas can afford to cold-shoulder Qatar.

When Gazans took to the streets to protest Hamas's handling of an electricity crisis last winter, Qatar sent $12 million to Gaza for needed fuel, effectively bailing out Hamas. One potential fallout is a sharp cut in Qatari funding for Hamas, especially if the emirate wants to show the Saudis and others that it takes seriously the charge that it finances militant groups tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, such as Hamas.

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Abbas' Palestinian Authority had no comment.

"What happened saddens us".

"It will be hard for Qatar to resume its financial support for Gaza now because of the assault against it", said Adnan Abu Amer, an independent political analyst in Gaza. Israel retaliated by launching a major operation in Gaza, which turned into an all-out war between Hamas and the Jewish state in the summer of 2014.

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