Sanders: Reported investigation stems from 'pathetic' attack


Sander's wife, Jane, is currently in the midst of a federal probe involving a $10 million loan that led to the bankruptcy of the now-defunct Burlington College, which she was the president of.

The Republican lawyer also claimed Mr Sanders' office convinced the bank to lend the funds.

The FBI has not confirmed the existence of such an investigation, but copious reporting and Sanders's own remarks suggest they are investigating something.

Sen. Sanders ignored attempts by reporters to discuss the matter.

Tuesday on CNN's "Outfront", Sen.

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BURNETT: We understand your wife has hired a lawyer to represent her in a possible probe into a land deal that fell apart.

While the then-president reportedly indicated there was $2.6 million in pledged donations, Burlington College only got $676,000 over the next four years.

SANDERS: No, it was not.

"That's all that I want to say and we'll let it play out".

BURNETT: I just want to ask you.

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Don't you hate it when the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into your family prevents you from sticking to your left-wing talking points du jour?

SANDERS: Excuse me. My wife is about the most honest person I know.

According to allegations leveled last January by Brady Toensing - one of US president Donald Trump's top supporters in Vermont - Sanders' wife lied about the now-defunct college's financial support on an application for a $10 million bank loan for a 33-acre piece of property it purchased from the Roman Catholic church.

The news has been trumpeted as some sort of vindication for Hillary Clinton supporters as well as conservatives, but so far, Sanders himself has said little about the investigation that was originally brought to the FBI's attention by Donald Trump's Vermont campaign chairman Brady Toensing. "All that I will tell you now is it's a sad state of affairs in America when not only we have politicians being destroyed. but when you go after people's wives".

On Monday, Sanders ignored questions about the FBI investigation into his wife from Fox News opting instead to give an answer about health care to a reporter who caught up with him outside the Capitol. "I think it's fairly pathetic that when people are involved in public life not only do they get attacked, but their wives and their families get attacked", Sanders added.

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