Senate health care bill is ObamaCare-plus, says Sen. Rand Paul


Lisa Murkowski said she will work with the state to analyze a bill released by fellow Senate Republicans on Thursday that would overhaul the federal health care law. He called out Senate Republicans for negotiating the details of the bill without including Democrats and "behind closed doors".

"I hope Mitch McConnell listened to what the demonstrators had to say outside his office today", Sanders said, referring to a large gathering of disabled demonstrators on Capitol Hill who opposed the bill Thursday. In both bills, the spending cuts made by Medicaid and other programs would go to fund a substantial tax cut for the health care industry and the rich. "I do care also about funding Planned Parenthood, but it is all of those factors put together that'll influence my decision". Thursday, he tweeted his support for the Senate bill.

Appealing to Congress and the U.S. people, Mr Obama said the 142-page plan had a "fundamental meanness" at its core and was "not a healthcare bill".

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On two occasions the Chiefs were guilty of illegal obstruction and both incidents were punished by a penalty from Garces. When quizzed again on blocking, the Lions boss insisted however that his coaches had not been whinging to the officials.

The House approved its version of the bill last month.

The law is credited with expanding health insurance to millions of Americans. It does a number of things, like extending the ACA subsidies to help people afford the cost of insurance.

McConnell blames the Affordable Care Act for rising health insurance premiums and says insurance companies pulling out of Obamacare markets show that the program is not working. First, they are anxious that if they eliminate it they'll be attacked as heartless come election time.

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Four conservative Republican senators quickly announced initial opposition to the bill and others were evasive, raising the specter of a jarring rejection by the Republican-controlled body.

PEARSON: The protections around preexisting conditions are still in place in the Senate bill, but the waiver authority gives states options that could include limiting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. For Alaska, the effects could be enormous as 10.3% of the population is in poverty and 26.4% have no health insurance, according to "Talk poverty". Home-state governors, including Republicans, have lobbied to avoid the kind of Medicaid cuts the GOP Congress is proposing.

"I continue to have real concerns about the Medicaid policies in this bill, especially those that impact drug treatment at a time when OH is facing an opioid epidemic", Portman said in a statement.

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McConnell, 75, the six-term Kentucky Republican, is generally reluctant to bring a bill to the Senate floor that "he does not think can pass", The New York Times reports.