Senator Portman opposes GOP health care bill


Households with income of $1 million, would gain $50,000 in tax cuts per year.

"I'll be the first one to jump in front of the line and say 'Lets fix it, '" Manchin said Tuesday. It would lead to more sick people and thousands of preventable deaths every year. The federal deficit would decrease by $321 billion as the result of a $772 billion cut to Medicaid.

The Congressional Budget Office released an analysis of the Senate's version of the legislation earlier this week that said more than 22 million Americans would lose their health insurance should the bill pass in its current form.

Loss of coverage for pre-existing conditions, including cancer survivors, people who had transplants, people with asthma, arthritis, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, mental health issues, ADD, etc. That is, companies could sell health insurance that wouldn't actually be health insurance. Virginia and 18 other states refused the expansion. The provision to maintain continuous coverage or be excluded from health insurance is one of the most startling examples.

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The American Health Care Act and the Senate Better Care Reconciliation Act will provide fewer protections for the state's most vulnerable populations, according to Simon F. Haeder, an assistant professor at the John D. Rockefeller IV School of Policy and Politics at West Virginia University. Many of these are people who were middle class and but outlived their savings and coverage.

The release says the difference between the federal bills lies in the "annual growth factor", which is the estimation of how much costs will increase in the future over a baseline estimate of Medicaid spending. States would also have access to $2 billion worth of grants for opioid addiction treatment. Cuts would be devastating to efforts to counter the wave of overdose deaths and other effects of addiction. Hundreds of thousands of West Virginians will lose insurance coverage.

There will be greater need for Medicaid over time. The demand for nursing home beds will be increasing as the population ages.

"As drafted, the Senate health care bill is not the right fix for West Virginia, and I can not support it".

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Instead, they postponed the vote because they didn't have enough votes to begin debate.

Ask family and friends to call their senators today. Dean Heller and West Virginia Sen.

After the Senate delayed its vote on the Senate health care discussion draft, Senator Shelly Moore Capito (R-W.Va) and Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) have voiced their opposition to the current draft.

The U.S. Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121, and a switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.

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