Spotify is showing sponsored songs to some free users


Under Settings, there will be an option under Display Options on desktop and Sponsored Content on mobile that allows you to toggle Show Sponsored Songs to off.

It's the next logical step from corporate sponsorships on playlists, too, and not all that distinct from the servicing that already goes on behind the scenes in an effort to get an artist into that prized new music playlist.

As Tech Crunch reports, these songs have been appearing for some users of the platform's unpaid tier, and Spotify has confirmed to the publication that the feature is now being tested, allowing labels to pay to have their artists' music featured more prominently.

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The new Sponsored Songs option does raise some interesting questions about the nature of success in the music industry. As first reported by TechCrunch, the songs are chosen to match a user's existing music tastes, are instantly playable, and are savable without a prerequisite ad click. If the testing is successful, the Sponsored Songs feature will get an official roll out; however, it will only be featured on the free tier service.

As of now, Spotify is still testing Sponsored Songs and has not officially been rolled out as a feature.

Users who don't actually want to see Sponsored Songs can simply opt out of it. Users will just have to untick the Sponsored Song setting. If that happens, this would be another way for Spotify to monetize content without having to drastically interrupt listeners on the free tier. The option is listed as "show sponsored songs" and it is turned on by default.

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Opening up a new stream of revenue is very important for Spotify right now. At least some users are also given the option to disable these sponsored songs by toggling off the option in their account settings. Last year, the company lost around $601 million, despite its increasing number of active users.

At the same time, Sponsored Songs hearken back to the dark days of radio payola, where labels paid DJs at radio stations to put their artists' songs on the air.

A separate spokesperson told TechCrunch that the feature is 'a product test for labels to promote singles on the free tier'.

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