Tech titans meet in White House


"Our goal is to lead a sweeping transformation of the Federal government's technology that will deliver dramatically better services for citizens, stronger protection from cyberattacks-which we were just discussing in the Oval Office with a little bit smaller group", Trump said. Kushner, the son of a real estate magnate, has no experience in either technology or government, and is also shouldering the responsibility for running the president's Middle East peace initiative.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg could not attend due to a scheduling conflict, but Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner did make his first public speech since assuming his new position.

The four-hour meeting included Vice President Mike Pence and Kushner's wife, Ivanka Trump.

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"The US should have the most modern government in the world".

Of course this will make it easier for spooks and hackers to snuffle but at the moment that some Pentagon legacy systems still rely on floppy disks which makes the material hard for hackers to read.

Uber's Travis Kalanick and Tesla's Elon Musk have already left a presidential advisory council over President Donald Trump's goal to gut the H-1B visa program, which is frequently used to employ foreign engineering talent in the USA, and Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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"We will foster a new set of start-ups focused on gov tech and be a leader in the field making government more transparent and responsive to citizens' needs", he added.

Within the order, which builds on plans laid out by the Obama administration, Trump announced the creation of the council, whose mission is to "coordinate the vision strategy and direction for the federal government's use of information technology and the delivery of services through information technology". The summit will kick off the White House's Technology Week, during which time it will pay special attention to technology issues. Palantir CEO Alex Carp spoke about how big data could help stop fraudulent federal spending. Apple's Tim Cook wanted coding to be made a requirement in schools. He stepped down from a number of White House advisory councils after a different controversial Trump decision - withdrawing the US from the Paris climate agreement.

Some of the tech companies in attendance were major critics of the president's travel ban limiting visitors from some Muslim-majority countries.

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