The strategic seating chart from the White House meeting with GOP senators


"I think, probably, the best strategy would be to have just a clean repeal vote with a two-year window before it kicks in and then those two years have Democrats and Republicans come together and work on a replacement", Congressman Massie said.

"We're still working toward getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place", McConnell told reporters.

US Senate Republican leaders have delayed the vote on repealing and replacing Obamacare until after next week's Fourth of July holiday due to a lack of party support.

FYI: McConnell can only afford to lose just two GOP senators in order for the bill to pass and be sent to President Trump to sign into law.

The surprise development leaves the legislation's fate uncertain while raising new doubts about whether President Donald Trump will ever make good on his many promises to erase his predecessor's signature legislative achievement.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he's delaying a vote on the newest Republican plan to replace Obamacare.

"The majority of Utahns want something to happen with the Affordable Care Act".

Erin Montgomery, a spokesperson for the group, said, "America First Policies is pleased to learn that Senator Dean Heller has made a decision to come back to the table to negotiate with his colleagues on the Senate bill".

Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi earlier warned that "hundreds of thousands" of Americans would die if congressional Republicans pass their healthcare legislation.

The Wisconsin Republican said he has every expectation that the Senate will move ahead on the bill, which the Congressional Budget Office says would kick 22 million off the insurance rolls. In order for a bill to become law, it needs to pass both the House and the Senate and be signed by the president.

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Less affluent Americans now on government-managed Medicaid insurance, many of whom supported the president, will see a 26% reduction in their programmes funding over the next decade, resulting in fewer covered and skimpier benefits.

"We know where some of the problems are with the Affordable Care Act and how we can try to get that done in a bipartisan way". While removing health coverage from 20 plus million Americans, it funds an $800 billion tax cut, including retroactive payments, for millionaires.

Vice-President Mike Pence could provide the crucial vote needed to break a tie. Republicans now have a majority in the Senate, as they hold 52 seats. Under Obamacare, those who do not purchase healthcare are levied a tax and many Americans have to pay high deductibles.

Unlike the first House bill, the Senate did not wait for the floor to debate before pulling the plug.

They demanded states be allowed to waive a ban on insurance companies charging sick people more, and they wanted states to be given the chance to opt out more easily.

Trump group's aggressive health care moves irritate GOP
Among Republicans , Trump wouldn't bear the brunt of the blame if Congress is unable to repeal and replace Obamacare . It would however cut deeply into Medicaid , America's public health programme for the poor and disabled.

Democrats accuse the administration of not lifting a finger to help stabilise the Obamacare health insurance exchanges.