Theresa May To Form UK Govt With Right-Wing Irish Democratic Unionist Party


Now, having suffered the nearly unthinkable ignominy of losing the majority she seemed certain to extend, Ms May's first response shifted from the inane to the delusional. Plainly she believed it would be enough to win the landslide she must have expected in April when she made a decision to go to the polls.

In a buoyant mood, Corbyn piled on pressure for May to resign, saying Friday morning that people have had enough of austerity politics and cuts in public spending. I reached him via Skype. Their core, central message was strong and stable leadership. But this isn't the first time that a United Kingdom election has led to a period of political uncertainty. And the objective of its campaign seemed to be not to get close even to winning the election but simply to avoid some sort of complete wipeout. While Pollard himself expressed confusion and horror as to why so many of his countrymen voted for the "toxic" Corbyn, he places much of the blame on the Conservative's "rubbish" campaign.

However, the leftist Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party slashed the ruling Conservatives' lead, leaving the country with a hung parliament and political instability for the second time in seven years.

She was the hard-working vicar's daughter who eschewed gossip and focused on "getting the job done", with her flamboyant shoes the only sign of rebellion. From Labour? And is she likely to?

"I don't think Theresa May and this government have any credibility", Corbyn said, predicting that there could be another election within months.

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"We're in another mess again, and probably we're going to have to have another election, and it's all such a waste of time at the end of the day", said 85-year-old Londoner Patricia Nastri.

Damian Green, a lawmaker in the pro-EU wing of the party, was promoted to first secretary of state - effectively deputy prime minister.

From the start, an election called by May when polls gave her a commanding lead did not go to plan.

Mrs May is now pursuing a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to ensure she can still pass legislation through the House of Commons, where currently a majority are fundamentally opposed to the majority of Tory policies.

Within hours of the results being announced, reports suggest May had teamed up with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

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Theresa May behaved on Friday like a prime minister who had won a fresh mandate, driving along the Mall to Buckingham Palace to ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to form a government.

Northern Ireland's republican party, Sinn Fein, wants Northern Ireland to have special status, which would both lessen the impact of Brexit and perhaps dissociate Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom, making an eventual united Republic of Ireland a little more likely. Their support base is overwhelmingly amongst Protestants who live in Northern Ireland, and it's the largest single political party in Northern Ireland.

The aides who resigned, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, May's fiercely loyal co-chiefs of staff, had been widely blamed within the prime minister's Conservative Party for the lacklustre campaign that ended with the Tories losing their majority in Parliament.

MARTIN: Well, so clearly there's a lot to talk about.

European Union leaders fear that May's majority loss would delay the talks, which are due to begin June 19. So what happens now? "That's going to make it hard for the European Union 27 because they're going to want to know who they're talking to and what their policy is".

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The shock defeat for Conservatives - despite the pre- poll projections of a comfortable majority - was seen by the British media as a "humiliation" for May to continue in her position. Please do keep us posted.