Trump Claims 'Vindication' After Comey Rakes Him Over Coals


"I mean, this is a president of the United States, with me alone, saying "I hope" this". The US President took to Twitter and said there were many false statements in Comey's testimony to US Congress.

Comey had laid bare on Capitol Hill months of distrust of the president, bluntly asserting that Trump had fired him to interfere with the probe of Russia's ties to the Trump campaign.

Pelosi is assessing the president this way: "I'm concerned about his fitness for office". "It is, of course, significant because it was the most horrific display of inhumanity - one that simply defies words and challenges meaning".

Comey testified before that committee on Thursday, and Sen.

Trump's fellow Republicans on the committee questioned Comey intently but did not attack his integrity or try to treat him roughly, as a witness making accusations against a sitting Republican president might expect.

"It's my judgment that I was sacked because of the Russian Federation investigation", he said. Mr. Risch focused in words Mr. Comey used in his memos.

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Comey said Trump was referring to the Flynn investigation and that he found the comment "a very disturbing thing, very troubling".

"You would think a guy like Comey" would know the difference between "hoping and telling", Donald Trump Jr. said in a Tweet.

What part of Comey's sweeping testimony vindicated the President wasn't fully made clear.

The former Federal Bureau of Investigation director and media-savvy operator acknowledged he shared with a friend the memos detailing his conversations with the president and specifically asked the friend to pass them on to reporters.

During much of the increasingly heated debate surrounding the FBI's investigation of Russia's role in the election, Trump has chafed over news leaks, arguing that news organizations had not given them proper attention.

The former FBI director said he interpreted that "as a direction to get rid of this investigation".

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The testimony painted a devastating picture of a president, who at best unknowingly shred the norms of office by pressing Comey on the probe into Russian election meddling, and at worst may have criminally obstructed justice. Based on the testimony already released, Comey will have no such hesitation on Thursday.

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey revealed that former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to downplay the investigation into Clinton's emails.

Trump has scheduled a joint news conference for Friday afternoon with visiting Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. He also planned to deliver remarks at the Department of Transportation on his plans for improving the country's roads and bridges before traveling to New Jersey for the weekend.

Despite previous inaccurate media reports, Mr. Comey did not say that he ever asked anyone at the Department of Justice for more resources related to this investigation.

Sessions offered to resign recently, telling Trump he needed the freedom to do his job, USA media reported earlier this week. The White House as denied any collusion with Moscow. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) if he believed Trump "colluded with Russia", Olbermann quoted Comey as saying: "That's a question I don't think I should answer in an open setting. but that's a question that will be answered by the investigation, I think". "James Comey has the quiet confidence and a track record of knowing how to dominate, how to direct the story", said Karen Greenberg, the director of the Center on National Security at Fordham University.

Facing a Senate committee Thursday, Comey portrayed Trump as dismissive of the FBI's independence.

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