Trump denies 'loyalty' pledge, says Comey testimony proved no collusion


Trump's lawyer says the president "never, in form or substance" directed Comey to stop investigating anyone, and Republicans suggested Comey was reading too much into it.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy, from CT, had said in a statement Thursday following Comey's testimony, "If the White House's account differs from what we heard today, the American people deserve to hear the president's side of the story in a similar forum-under oath and open to the press".

I think anyone that hangs that hat on anything coming out of this administration is a bigger fool than that man running the country and I understand the proportion of foolery we are dealing with, which is why I want to make sure we aren't lead astray.

Trump said, Comey recalled, "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go". "Who would do that?"

Kasowitz said Thursday, "Although Mr. Comey testified he only leaked the memos in response to a tweet, the public record reveals that the New York Times was quoting from these memos the day before the referenced tweet, which belies Mr. Comey's excuse for this unauthorized disclosure of privileged information and appears to entirely retaliatory".

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Tucker argued that perhaps the most important revelation to emerge from Comey's testimony is that allegations about collusion between President Donald Trump and Russian Federation are starting to look weaker than ever.

Former FBI Director James Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had made him uncomfortable when she asked him to refer to the probe into Hillary Clinton's emails a "matter" instead of an "investigation".

Easing months of speculation, Comey confirmed that Trump was not personally under investigation when he left the FBI last month.

"You're going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer, don't worry", said Trump when asked by CNN's Jim Acosta why he couldn't answer the question. At the same time, the head of the panel said its investigation is just getting started, and a second committee may summon Comey to testify. Collins says Comey's motivation "may have been a good one", but says Comey should have given that document to the Senate committee.

At a press conference on Friday afternoon in the Rose Garden with the visiting president of Romania, Mr Trump rejected Mr Comey's claims.

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"I didn't say that", Trump said.

The existence of recordings of the conversations has become more important now that Trump and Comey are at odds on key points of the narrative.

Trump's lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, denied both of Comey's claims in a statement on Thursday after the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's appearance.

He hit the key points previously outlined by his personal lawyer in a lengthier statement issued after Thursday's hearing - that Comey gave misleading testimony in parts, but also backed up the president's claims that he "never sought to impede" the Russian Federation investigation.

Comey pushed back against those claims, asserting that Trump had lied.

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