Trump hits world of scepticism on foreign affairs


Although confidence in Trump's leadership wasn't stellar, most countries surveyed didn't carry that out to predict an actual change in their nation's relationship with the U.S., Pew said.

Some of America's closest allies in Europe and Asia show some of the sharpest declines in how much they trust the USA president on the world stage.

Some 55% rated Trump as a strong leader, though 75% said he was arrogant, 65% intolerant, and 62% risky.

In terms of personal traits, more than half see the US president as a strong leader, but that positive view is outweighed by larger majorities who describe the real estate developer and former reality TV star as arrogant, intolerant or unsafe. Trump's wall is opposed by an average of 76 percent of people across the surveyed countries and a massive 94 percent of people in Mexico, which makes it hard to believe they will "eventually" pay for the wall to be built. Across the nations polled, 58 percent say they have a favorable impression of Americans, and two-thirds of those surveyed said they like American music, movies and television.

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The poll of 37 countries found a median of just 22 percent have confidence in Trump to steer the USA on the worldwide stage. Over half of respondents disagree with Trump's travel ban from Muslim-majority countries, as well as his withdrawal from major free trade agreements and the Iran nuclear deal.

Seventy-six percent of the respondents opposed Trump's campaign promise to build a 1,954-mile wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, and 71 percent disagree with Trump's withdrawal from major global climate change agreements.

Meanwhile in Mexico, confidence in Trump sits at just five per cent, the lowest rating of any USA leader since Pew began surveying people there. "The share of the public with a positive view of the USA has plummeted in a diverse set of countries from Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa".

"The share of the global public that voices a favorable view of America is on the decline", the survey says.

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Although he has only been in office a few months, Donald Trump's presidency has had a major impact on how the world sees the United States.

Paris: Donald Trump has been USA president for less than six months but it's been enough time to send opinions of American leadership plunging. "My job is to represent the United States of America". 62 percent believed that Trump was right in introducing restrictions on those entering the country from the Muslim-majority nations and more than half endorsed this in Hungary, Israel, Poland, and Russian Federation.

On the other hand, three-quarters of the 40,000 people questioned across 37 countries said they had no confidence in Trump, compared with 59 per cent for Putin.

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