Turkey rushes troops to Qatar as Gulf crisis grows


State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert recently questioned whether Qatar's alleged support for terrorist groups is the real reason for the embargoes.

Qatar faces the prospect of diplomatic isolation in the long-term if it does not accept the demands made by its Gulf neighbours to end the ongoing dispute, a United Arab Emirates (UAE) minister warned on Saturday.

The Saudis responded with 13 demands, including shutting the Al-Jazeera TV network, cutting back diplomatic ties with Iran and ending Turkey's military presence in the country - a list Qatar said was far from the "reasonable and actionable" proposals Tillerson said on June 21 he was seeking.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the U.A.E. and Egypt cut ties with Doha earlier this month, accusing the oil-rich monarchy of supporting terrorism. "We believe that if there is a conflict between regional countries, pressure, threats or sanctions are not the right way to resolve differences", Rouhani told Qatar's emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani in a telephone call, according to state news agency IRNA. "We don't have to deal with them", the Hill quoted al-Jubeir, as telling reporters at the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

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WASHINGTON (AP) - An influential Republican senator said Monday that he'll withhold approval of USA weapons sales to several Middle Eastern allies until there is a clear path for settling a diplomatic crisis with Qatar.

Speaking at the same event, the Iranian foreign minister Zarif said the countries who blamed Iran or Qatar for terrorism were trying to avoid taking responsibility for their own failures in addressing the demands of their own people.

He added that if the Qataris wish to return to the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, "they know what they have to do".

Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani's meeting with Tillerson, comes just days after Qatar dismissed a list of demands from Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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He called for a "each of the countries to sit together and continue this conversation" and said that "a lowering of rhetoric would also help ease the tension". "We don't need permission from anyone to establish military bases among partners".

Qatar hosts the forward headquarters of US Central Command, responsible for military operations in the Middle East.

Corker's pledge to halt arms sales comes a day after Tillerson said that numerous demands would "be very hard for Qatar to meet".

Qatar also said it was reviewing the demands and was preparing an official response.

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