Wannacry is back? Cyber attack sweeps globe, researchers see 'WannaCry' link


Petya is believed to have first hit the Ukraine and have caused severe havoc around the world on Wednesday, leading to crippling computers or halting operations at port operator Maersk, a Cadbury chocolate plant in Australia and the property arm of French bank BNP Paribas.

Mumbai: Concerned over the latest malware attack affecting the country's largest container port JNPT's operations, the government rushed National Cyber Security Advisor Gulshan Rai to the financial capital today, sources said.

United States pharmaceutical giant Merck, the world's second largest such firm, confirmed on Twitter that its computer network was compromised on Tuesday in the global attack. Merck's headquarters was hit severely by the cyber attack on Tuesday, and according to the K-I-S-A, the virus found its way to Korea using the company's intranet. This is essentially a hole in the Windows computer system's defence, which ransomware viruses have exploited to gain access to the computer, lock down the files, and then demand a payment from the user to have their computer unlocked. Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.

David Sykes, business security expert at Sophos, explained to Business Insider in further detail what the new cyberattack is and what it does.

The ransomeware is also being referred to as GoldenEye - like the James Bond film - and is perpetrating attacks using vulnerabilities present in the Windows operating system (OS) of Microsoft. Microsoft addressed the issue in its MS17-010 bulletin in March, but the exploit proved instrumental in the spread of WannaCry last month.

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Intelligence agencies and security researchers have linked last month's WannaCry attack to a group associated with North Korea. Other anti-virus companies have also updated their software, in an attempt to limit the damage.

"We are talking about a cyberattack", said Anders Rosendahl, a spokesman for the Copenhagen-based group.

Several multinational companies said they were targeted, including U.S. pharmaceutical giant Merck, Russian state oil giant Rosneft, British advertising giant WPP and the French industrial group Saint-Gobain.

Security researchers following Petya said that the malware, while damaging, isn't effective ransomware.

A similar virus known as WannaCry spread to computers in more than 150 countries in May.

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Some experts said it looked likely to be a criminal scam, while Ukraine suggested that its archrival Russian Federation could have been behind the attack. MeDoc then sent an infected file to customers.

Employees at the Chernobyl nuclear site were continuing to use hand-held Geiger counters to measure the levels of radiation after the monitoring system was shut down by the hack.

The company denied any accidental involvement with the attack on its Facebook page, but Microsoft, security firm Talos, and Ukraine's own national cyber security department pinned the blame on the software.

Officials in Ukraine reported serious intrusions of the country's power grid as well as at banks and government offices, where one senior executive posted a photo of a darkened computer screen and the words, "the whole network is down". "The computers used by various companies and Maersk's system, which handles the movement of ships is affected".

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