Even White House Staffers Think Trump's "Theme Weeks" Are a Joke


Perhaps anxious about the scandals surrounding his administration, the President also hopped onto a firetruck brought to the White House lawn from Wisconsin.

The behind-the-scenes funding fight comes as the White House seeks to demonstrate its progress on Trump's campaign promise to stop outsourcing jobs to foreign countries, hosting a series of events this week showcasing "Made in America" goods.

The White House is dubbing the coming week "Made in America week" as it tries to break through the noise surrounding the Russian Federation investigation and focus on issues that matter to President Donald Trump's base.

Trump has pledged to bring back USA manufacturing jobs by scaling back regulations and renegotiating the country's trade deals.

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Trump has signed an executive order aimed at ending an "abusive" use of waivers and exceptions to federal "Buy America" laws and ordered an audit to determine how many waivers have been granted.

"That's the evolution sometimes of industries, but I'm sure somewhere around the world that newspapers still get delivered in a much greater way than they do here", Spicer said to laughter in the briefing room.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of NY suggested that Trump-owned businesses should be making their products here rather than overseas.

Campbell's vice president for government affairs, Kelly Johnston, said the company was invited last week to join the display at the White House. Of course there's a market because we depend in this country for many goods and services, some of which are made in America some of which aren't. "When we purchase products made in the United States of America, the profits stay here, the revenue stays here, and the jobs - maybe most importantly of all - they stay right here in the U.S.".

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"Again, it's not appropriate me for to stand up here and comment about a business and I believe that's a little out of bounds", he said, as the line of questioning wound down at the press briefing.

The day provided an opportunity for Trump to turn the page away from the Russia-related controversies swirling around his administration and instead provide images of him marveling at a host of products made in all 50 U.S. states.

"You could see the administration come down quite hard on this, that it's a way of saying, 'We're protecting the American workforce, ' " she said.

Administration officials said they intend to boost the agenda further through deregulation and trade renegotiations.

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