First picture of Beyonce's twins going viral


Donning a pink fleece blanket and a makeshift veil, the mum and her gorgeous tots took to the garden to imitate the Carters.

On Friday, Kellaway posted the hilarious photos on Facebook.

Ms Kellaway was quoted by NDTV saying, "I never thought for a second my spontaneous photo would go viral".

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"I happened to have a quiet moment in the afternoon so I chose to take a picture with my twins for the craic", she said.

Sharon Kellaway, a mum from Ireland, gave birth to twins Senan and Zoe in February and chose to stage her own photo shoot using her 6-year-old daughter as the photographer.

"It was just random". When Beyoncé first announced that she was pregnant with twins, the singer captioned her Instagram posts with the poem "I Have Three Hearts" by Warsan Shire, whose work was also used throughout Lemonade and was so influential that Bey even credited her on the album with "film adaptation and poetry", Bustle reports. Thought my friends would get a giggle. didn't expect it to go this far!'

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Balancing her son and daughter on her knee, the six-year-old took the photos in a garden in Cork.

The Irish lady said that her daughter had no photography skills and yet did a brilliant job at it.

More from the photo shoot.

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In February, social networking sites were swirling the same way when the 35-year old singer posted a photograph of herself wearing lingerie and a long veil and caressing her baby bump. "I initially tried to take it myself in the kitchen but couldn't manage, so I called my older children".