Google Home now supports purchased and uploaded songs on Google Play Music


The update should be quite welcomed by many of us, who have kept and gathered collections of songs through the years, as you can now stream them on the Home device, just like on-demand tracks for subscribers or free radio plays.

Google Home units around the world are receiving an update that lets the smart speaker play songs purchased from Google Play Music or uploaded to the player. Google has announced that you can now stream the music that you bought from Google's music service and even the audio that you uploaded to their cloud.

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This new feature has several oddities, including the order at which music is played.

In case you didn't know, Play Music previously only worked with the Google Home by playing free radio stations or by subscribing to its All Access service. The new addition to the speakers gives priority to the uploaded or purchased content on the Play Store than a radio station. To do so, ask "Play [x] from my library" or "Play my [x] playlist".

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Google also points out that there are certain limitations, such as how using your voice to play music and selecting the genre/mood/activity will not be supported for songs uploaded by yourself or purchased.

If Google Play Music isn't your default music player, you need to say "Ok Google, play X on Google Play Music " to hear subscription/free radio/uploaded/purchased music.

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Google is now rolling out the feature all across the globe, and it should soon be available in the countries where Home is supported. Oh, and soon, France!