Judge rejects victims' bid to freeze Omar Khadr's assets


Lawyers for the widow of a USA soldier slain in Afghanistan have filed court papers in Canada formally seeking to take millions of dollars away from a former Guantánamo Bay prisoner who pleaded guilty to killing the soldier. Was he held unjustly in a Canadian prison for fighting for a known terrorist organization in Afghanistan, killing with a grenade an American Sergent, Christopher Speer, and blinding another American soldier there, actions for which Khadr plead guilty and apologized?

The plaintiffs are seeking an urgent freeze order in Ontario Superior Court on Mr. Khadr's assets, pending the ultimate outcome of their bid to enforce a 2015 default USA civil court judgment against Mr. Khadr in Ontario. USA troops were there to witness him fighting.

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"The scant evidence offered in support of this pleading consists of double and triple hearsay statements drawn from media reports and Wikipedia", Whitling's court filing reads.

The judge hearing today's case had said the request to freeze Khadr's assets pending a trial was "extraordinary". Such evidence is generally necessary for plaintiffs to provide when seeking to win a freeze order.

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They want an injunction aimed at preserving any money the federal government paid Khadr for breaching his rights. Mr. Khadr has recanted his confession, made as part of deal to allow him to leave Guantanamo Bay, and is appealing his convictions.

Speer and Morris also argued in the injunction that Khadr might give money to members of his family "who appear to be unrepentant supporters of violent extremists".

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As a result, Khadr was reportedly paid $8 million by the Canadian government last week. Then he claimed he was mistreated by US officials, and he blamed Canada for not standing up for him.