N-word used on Walmart website to describe product color


The Jagazi Natural's accessory was sold by Pixnor on Walmart.com and by ThinkCreators on Amazon in a color described as "n-- brown", which The New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow caught wind of in the early hours of Monday, July 17. The company that sells and ships the caps to Walmart is Pixnor.

Walmart initially removed the offensive word from the title of the product, but it remained in the item's details, where the color is listed. But Twitter users noted that the offensive description was still listed further down on the page.

We take it the seller will be banned from Walmart moving forward, right?

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Answering the call is Walmart's Director of National Media Relations, Ragan Dickens. The U.K. company posted a statement on their website Monday claiming that someone else used the name to list the item.

A spokesperson for Walmart said the item was removed, as it was a violation of their policy.

"We are very sorry and appalled that this third-party seller listed their item with this description on our online marketplace", Danit Marquardt, a Walmart spokeswoman, said.

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The cap was described as manufactured by Jagazi Naturals in the United Kingdom, but that company's owner said the product is a counterfeit version of hers and was sold by an unauthorized seller.

"Considering the fact that I'm a black woman from Nigeria, what really pains me is that I get these emails from other black people who are in pain because of that word", she said. "I am a proud black woman focused on the ethnic hair products for my fellow black women".

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