Nasa spot 75000-mile-wide HOLE on the sun


Sunspots can be described as patches on Sun's surface that are somewhat darker than their surroundings because of loss of surface tension caused by magnetic flux, a strong concentration of intricate magnetic fields. Sunspots often develop on the massive, heat-producing star.

However, they're less common during the Sun's period of low activity, called a solar minimum.

This sunspot appeared after two days of a spot-free solar surface. This image is a still from a NASA video captured between July 4 and 11 by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. This comes during the Sun's customary 11-year cycle. The video includes a small dot that shows the size of Earth in relation to the sunspot.

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NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory first detected the huge spot last week and it appears to have lingered through to this week.

Looking exclusively at one of the spots, it may appear miniscule in comparison to the massive star.

A huge hole has emerged on the surface of the sun and it could actually affect us here on Earth.

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They are equipped for making radiation storms, thumping out correspondence satellites and cause radio power outages on Earth.

They can also create visible auroras (which are associated with the way the particles meet Earth's atmosphere).

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