New GOP health plan seeks conservative support


The announcement came shortly after a group of senators, mostly freshmen, called for leaders to skip the August recess so the Senate could handle critical business, including health care and tax reform.

Poorer families would not benefit significantly from the bill's tax cuts, and would be hurt by other provisions, which include less generous health insurance tax credits and less generous Medicaid spending than what they would be able to count on under Obamacare. He said he would delay the chamber's August recess for two weeks as the GOP tries breaking logjams that have slowed work on that and other issues.

However, Sen. Mike Lee, the Utah Republican who was working on the amendment with Cruz, tweeted later that what he was crafting with Cruz was not in the bill, although "something based on it has" been added to the legislation. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Sen. That can be done via reconciliation via a simple majority, so the problem in the Senate is that Republicans cannot agree amongst themselves what to do.

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It was immediately unclear, however, whether this bill can garner the 50 votes needed to pass.

Amodei originally opposed the AHCA, because he thought the plan would either cost Nevada $250 million to pay for Medicaid Expansion, or its participants would lose coverage. But with all of that being said, it has to get passed.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell planned to present the revamped measure rolling back much of President Barack Obama's health care law to GOP senators Thursday. "That's where we need to be looking and I'm not sure this bill quite gets us there", Capito said.

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Sessions said close to 300 health care providers have been suspended or banned from participating in federal health care programs.

Health insurers are blasting an effort by conservatives to modify the Senate Obamacare repeal bill and set up a two-tier market in which companies could sell plans that don't meet Obamacare's coverage requirements.

"I will be very angry about it and a lot of people will be very upset", he said.

The first draft of the Senate GOP's measure faced the expected unanimous opposition from Democratic senators, but it also received harsh criticism from more moderate Republicans and conservatives who felt it didn't go far enough in its repeal of the ACA, known as Obamacare. The bill already included more than $100 billion for such purposes.

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If Republicans don't pass the legislation, Trump said "it would be very bad". "Now we have a president that's waiting to sign it", he said.