New Nintendo 3DS Production Ending in Japan


As seen on the official Japanese website, it says "all production ended". The console itself is nearly three years old and is losing out on sales to Nintendo's very own 2DS XL. With the New 2DS XL on the horizon, stereoscopic 3D will now be a deluxe feature only available on the larger New 3DS XL.

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According to Nintendo, the 2014 New 3DS is ending its production run in Japan.

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That's not terribly surprising, as that's the current top-end model of the handheld, and the soon-to-be-released New 2DS XL will be filling the lower-priced slot in the handheld lineup. Judging by Nintendo's own product page, the end has begun. The New Nintendo 3DS LL has not had its production canceled overseas, or at least has not had its product page updated in the same way the standard New Nintendo 3DS has. There's also no word on when or how this will affect units outside Japan. Nintendo may have preferred to maintain the New Nintendo 3DS for longer, but saw that these two devices were only competing with each other on the market, which is not unlike what might have happened with the NES Classic. This includes all colors of the upgraded handheld - but not all models. That's happened again, as the company has announced that production of the New 3DS has ceased.

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