NH man arrested in vicious beating of woman, 18


Police arrested 22-year-old Jordan Lamonde, of Portsmouth, on Monday, in connection with the June 12 attack on 18-year-old Erin McCarthy as she was leaving her job at the gym.

McCarthy spoke to the press after the ordeal and says her assailant said no words as he pummeled her repeatedly.

"This was a vicious, unprovoked attack that shocked our community, and I am proud to report that the suspect has been identified and apprehended", Chief Paul Toussaint said.

Looking through the video it appears the attacker lay in wait for McCarthy for nearly eight hours while she worked a shift at the Planet Fitness gym. Gym surveillance video showed a man getting out of his auto coming up behind McCarthy and hitting her as she's about to get into her vehicle.

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"I'm very careful of who I hang out with now, considering my ex put me in that situation", McCarthy said. She had just clocked out of work when she was attacked.

Thankfully, McCarthy wasn't seriously hurt by the barrage.

Surveillance video shows a man attacking Erin McCarthy outside a Rochester, NH gym.

When she learned of Lamonde's arrest, McCarthy told SeacoastOnline she was 'ecstatic'. "I definitely want to ask him 'Why?' whenever I get the chance".

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Lamonde later denied knowing the ex-boyfriend; it wasn't known if the ex-boyfriend was charged with a crime.

'He just kind of came up and hit me in the back of the head and wouldn't stop, ' said McCarthy last month.

McCarthy, for her part, is going to try and forget this ever happened. I'm trying to keep a happy medium between the two.

Lamonde's bail has been set at $150,000.

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