Packers QB Rodgers 'on back nine of career'


National Football League careers can be fleeting, and that's obvious from Aaron Rodgers' assessment of how many years he has left in the tank.

Rodgers actually won two ESPYs Wednesday night, as he also took home the award for Best NFL Player. This will be my 10th year starting. All five are great players, but Rodgers came out on top. Rodgers, on the other hand, doesn't mind putting his body at risk of being smashed by scrambling around and extending plays.

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"I can't give up some of the nightshades, but I think Tom sets a good example, and we have been friends for a whole and talk about a number of things", he continues. "When I was a young player, I remember thinking as I looked at some of the older guys, if I got to five that'd be cool, or eight, or anything after 10 would be unbelievable". Green Bay's triumphant win over the No. 1-seeded Cowboys was its eighth consecutive victory dating back to Week 12 of the regular season. Both he and Rodgers will be bringing some hardware back to Green Bay as they gear up for a 2017 season in which they expect to reclaim the hardware that truly counts. The Packers' current gunslinger believes his ability to play at a high level for a decade has been a product of one key factor: Remaining in Green Bay. Great ones are even harder.

The Packers will hold onto their quarterback for as long as possible with the firm hope he'll be able to deliver another Lombardi Trophy. After holding off the Steelers to win the 2011 Super Bowl, however, it's been a disappointing stretch filled with crushing playoff losses.

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NFL teams shared $7.8 billion in national revenue last year, an increase of 10 percent from the previous year.

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