Teen arrested for murdering mom, enlisting help of friend in elaborate coverup


A 15-year-old relative of a Morrison woman whose body was found in a burning home Saturday shot her in the head the day before, then she and a friend set the house on fire to hide the crime, investigators said Tuesday.

Schroeder's body was found on Saturday in the burning property.

The teen has also been charged with concealment of homicidal death and arson. Another 15-year-old girl could face charges of concealing a homicide and arson for allegedly helping the daughter. They located the daughter, who confessed to the killing.

She texted Rachel about what she did, but her friend did not believe her, so Anna sent her a picture of her mother's body. Helm would then head over to the Schroeder house, and would allegedly help Anna in cleaning blood out of the carpet before heading off to bed.

The next day, the teens allegedly moved Peggy Schroeder's body from the living room to her bedroom and covered her with a sheet. On Friday, the two girls reportedly went to Subway to eat, where Anna vomited in the bathroom after learning her father would be traveling to Morrison. Kaylene told the outlet she plans to study to become a sign language interpreter in memory of her mother, who was hearing-impaired.

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A separate report from the Sauk Valley News suggests that both teens were planning to run away on Friday night, and had dyed their hair in an attempt to disguise themselves.

Saturday morning the girls set the home on fire to destroy evidence, Molina said, with the friend setting the sheet over Schroeder's body on fire.

Anna was picked up at her father's house and taken to the sheriff's department, where she confessed to killing her mother. A 911 call about the fire alerted authorities on Saturday.

Schroeder and her ex-husband adopted their daughter on January 19, 2005.

Chillingly, Anna wrote a message to her mum on Facebook after her death.

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"I would've said, "Thank you for adopting us, for giving us a second chance at life, for loving us no matter what we put her through.' Because we put her through a lot, but she was always there for us and she just wanted us to succeed in life and i'm going to miss her a lot". I'm sorry I was not the best daughter ... If you can, I just want you to know you were my best friend.

An autopsy was done, but the official cause of death will not be released until the pathologist's report is complete, which could take several weeks, said Sterling Police Chief Tim Morgan, who was the deputy coroner who responded to the scene.

Her lawyer, Jim Mertes, declined to discuss the allegations against his client. People reported that the Whiteside County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the arrest, and that both juveniles are being held at a juvenile detention center in IL.

According to Sauk Valley, both girls appeared in Whiteside County Court on Tuesday, and have a pretrial hearing set for August 8.

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